Each year, every NCSS swimmer will receive a new team bathing suit and team cap. Your swimmer is required to wear their team gear at every workout.

Here is the bathing suit chart - please use the sizing for the SPEEDO suit.


Bathing suits cannot be returned without the tags - no exceptions.

Bathing suits should fit snug, no more than two fingers should fit between the shoulder and the strap for females and no more than two fingers should fit between the waist and suit for males.

Bathing suits do not need to be washed, this will actually decrease the life of the suit. Drying the suit will damage the material. All the suit needs is a rinse after each workout and allowed to dry.

Swim Cap - the team cap is required for all swimmers at all times. If your swimmer shows up to workout more than twice in a row without a cap, a new cap will be provided for them and you will be charged.

Goggles - all swimmers should be prepared for each workout which includes well-fitting goggles. To test if a pair fits your swimmer, the goggles should stay on without the strap. 

Team Equipment - all team equipment is available for purchase. Each month, a different item will be available as the cost of customizing equipment is lower with larger orders.

For all questions about what is offered, please contact NCSA Team Manager, Robin Loyola at [email protected]