Coaches Bios

Our coaches are dedicated to fostering a learning and competitive environment that continues to encourage the YMCA principles of Honesty, Respect, Caring, and Responsibility. UBY strives to help each swimmer become the best that he or she can be through the sport of competitive swimming by challenging swimmers physically, mentally, and intellectually. They will become physically conditioned, learn to appreciate teamwork, learn more about the science and mechanics of swimming, and perhaps most important, learn personal responsibility and the correlation between effort and reward. We want each swimmer to “Embrace it.” The lessons that our swimmers learn from their participation on the team translate into fundamentally sound principles for the rest of his or her life. The bottom line in our swimming program is that we strive to develop great kids, and along the way they may also become great swimmers. We ask each of our swimmers to try as hard as he or she can and to accept the results.