When we arrive for Group Swim Lessons, where do we go? If your swimmer (s) are already in their swim suits then families wait in the pool lobby until their swim lesson time is called by the lifeguard. The parents are allowed to watch from the balcony upstairs or the pool lobby windows. When the lesson is over we ask that parents walk through the Community Locker rooms and meet their swimmer (s) on the pool deck side

Do parents get in the water with their swimmer (s) during lessons? No. Due to liability rules the parents are asked to stay off the pool deck & in the water during lessons. This also allows the swim instructors to get the swimmers attention without distractions. Swim instructors and the Aquatics Director will help your children with towels and getting to the locker rooms when the lesson is complete.

Is my swimmer in the correct swim lesson level? Please understand that your child has been placed due to the skills that they show us throughout each session.  We will switch your child to a different level if we see that it is in the best interest of your child.  If you have any questions about the placement of your child, please feel free to talk to the Aquatics Director.

When signing up for private lessons I cannot pick a time, why?  There are specific times listed for open pool time for private lessons and the lessons are based on your time and the instructor's availability. After registration, an instructor will send you an email or phone call within 2 days to setup the lessons. It is between you and the instructor to work out the amount days per week and times. Private lessons are not based on Group Swim Lesson session dates.

What if my swimmer is moved to Stroke Development and I registered for Group Swim Lessons/I registered for Stroke Development, but my swimmer should be in Swim Club Prep: We plan spaces according to move-ups from the Group Lessons. If your swimmer is moved from the advacned swim lessons to Stroke Development or StrokeDevelopment to Swim Club Prep, we recommend that they move to that program. You may email the Aquatics Director and we will transfer your payment and switch your swimmer to the Stroke Development or Swim Club Prep class with no hassle at all!

Why are group swim lessons and stroke development offered on different days? Group Swim Lessons are 30 minute classes that are based on teaching the students basic levels of swimming. Once they have completed those levels they move to Stroke Development. These programs are offered on separate nights to allow for adequate space and learning for both programs. Stroke Development is allowed the lane space to swim 25 length to build up endurance and prepare them for a swim team. 

When is my swimmer ready for Carmel Swim Club? The Group Lessons, Stroke Development, and Swim Club Prep programs are a feeder for the Carmel Swim Club and those programs are to help swimmers prepare for the Club. If you are registered for lesson sessions and your swimmer is recommended for the Swim Club, then email the Aquatics Director and the future lesson sessions will be applied to the monthly payments of the Carmel Swim Club. 

What if my child misses a class?  Due to ratios and having different instructors and children each night, we do not offer make up classes unless the Carmel Aquatics Center is the one to cancel the class.  We know this is inconvenient and can be difficult, but we cannot go over ratio and we do not want to put a swimmer with a new instructor and new class for one day.  We do not offer refunds or credits either.



Who can swim during lap swim? Anyone from the community is able to swim during our open swim times. You do not need to be a Carmel resident to attend and join.

How do I buy a lap swim pass? You can purchase a swim pass anytime during our open lap swim times. Walk through the Community Locker rooms and the lifeguard on duty can help you with the purchase of your specific pass. We accept cash or check only.

Is there a discount for Carmel Clay employees? Yes, any Carmel Clay employee can swim for FREE. You must show proof of ID or pay stub to the lifeguard on duty and they will add you to our Staff list where you check in each time you swim. If interested in Masters swimming, CCS employees only pay $20 monthly. *This discount does not apply to spouses or other family members.*

How do I access the pool during the 10:30-1:30pm time? A school attendant or lifeguard can let you into the building through door 21.  You will need to show your scanned ID from the front office.  If you do not have one you will need to go to the front office to get your driver's license scanned.  Once that is done, you will give that ID to the lifeguard and they will laminate it for you.  You will then just need to show that ID everytime you come swim.

What happens if the school closes for bad weather? The school will give the Aquatics Director as much notice as possible for weather closings.  If you see that the school is closed due to weather, the pool will also be closed.  If you are here swimming already and the school closes we will let you continue your workout.  Please know this is for the safety of our staff and you.