A goal of the Purgatory Ski Team and the Durango Winter Sports Foundation is to ensure that every child in the community that wishes to participate in winter sports has that opportunity. To support that goal, the DWSF provides funds to the Alpine, Freeride, Freestyle, Snowboard and Nordic Ski Teams to be used for scholarship programs.


PST Tuition Scholarship Program


  • Full or partial scholarships may be awarded
  • Both new members and returning athletes are eligible from various income levels
  • All decisions to award scholarships are final and will be made at the sole discretion of the DWSF scholarship committee


Eligibility Requirements     


  • Application due by November 1st
  • Scholarships awarded by November 15th
  • Must demonstrate financial need and a strong desire to participate
  • Consideration given to multiple athletes on team from the same family.


Distribution of Funds

  • Scholarship funds are applied directly to the participants PST tuition
  • A portion of scholarship funds may be retained for later disbursement to aid in travel expenses