February Distance Meet

Feb 10, 2019
January, 27 2019
Booster Club 2018-2019


This swim meet is open to all DC Wave registered swimmers for the 2018-2019 season who are 11 years old or older. Swimmers will compete as the age they are on February 10, 2019.


Fairland Aquatic Center
13820 Gunpowder Road

Laurel, MD


  • 7:00 AM Warm-ups
  • 8:10 AM Meet Starts

Important Notes:

  • For a list of events offered, and the order the meet will be swum in, please refer to the Meet Announcement below.
  • This meet does have qualifying times. 
    • Minimum provable times for 13 & over swimmers:
      • The minimal provable ime for the 1,000 FR is 14:00.00, or must have a provable time of 6:30.00 in the 500 FR.
      • The minimal provable time for the 1,650 FR is 23:00.00 or a provable time of 14:00.00 in the 1,000 FR.
    • Minimum provable times for 12 & under swimmers:
      • Must meet the following stepping stone progression:
      • A provable time of 7:20 must be swum in the 500 FR before entering the 1,000 FR.
      • A provable time of 15:00 must be swim in the 1,000 FR before entering the 1,650 FR.
  • Deck entries will be accepted if the meet is not over-subscribed. Deck entries will be seeded after athletes who were previously entered in the meet and have checked in. 
  • All events will be positive check in and deck seeded. The meet will be seeded and swum according to submitted entry times regardless of age or gender. Heats will be swum fastest to slowest. 
  • No programs will be available.
  • All swimmers must provide their own timer and counter.