2019 ST AAAA STAGS Championship Meet

Feb 22, 2019 (07:00 AM) - Feb 24, 2019 (08:00 PM)
February, 8 2019


2019 South Texas Age Group (STAGS)
Championship—Short Course

  Hosted by AAAA

  Feb 22-24, 2019
This is a qualifying meet, meet standards click here.

LOCATION:       Palo Alto College Natatorium, 1400 W. Villaret Blvd San Antonio, TX 78224, 210-486-3000

Session 1, Fri AM 2/22 (Prelims) - Warm Up 7:00AM*, Meet Starts 9:00AM
Session 2, Fri PM 2/22 (Finals) - Warm Up 4:00PM, Meet Starts 5:00PM
Session 3, Sat AM 2/23 (Prelims) - Warm Up 7:00AM*, Meet Starts 9:00AM
Session 4, Sat PM 2/23 (Finals) - Warm Up 4:00PM, Meet Starts 5:00PM
Session 5, Sun AM 2/24 (Prelims) - Warm Up 7:00AM*, Meet Starts 9:00AM
Session 6, Sun PM 2/24 (Finals) - Warm Up 3:00PM, Meet Starts 4:00PM

  More detailed information will be sent out to all participants the Wednesday before the meet.

*Warm up assignments will be provided by AAAA, our exact warm up times will come out closer to the time of the meet!

Bring and Wear:

  • Water Bottles, Healthy Snacks (Fruits, Nuts, Trail-Mix)
  • Nitro Team Suit, Nitro Team Cap, Goggles
  • Clothes to Wear Between Races (Shorts, Shirts, Warm Up Pants / Jackets, etc)
  • Shoes (to keep your feet warm between races)

Entries and Fees:

  • Swimmers' age as of the start of the meet (Feb 22, 2019) will determine their age for the entire meet.
  • A swimmer may participate in three (3) individual events per day and one (1) relay event per day
  • Entry Fees:  $12.00 per event.
  • Registration deadline is February 8th, 2019


  • Each participating team is required to provide back-up timers in proportion to the number of swimmers entered in the meet.
  • Swimmers competing in the 500 and 1650 freestyle and 400 individual medley events must provide their own back-up timers. Swimmers competing in the 500 and 1650 freestyle events also must provide their own lap counters.

Qualifying Times:

  • Qualifying times must be achieved prior to the first or second entry deadline.
  • There are no qualifying times for relay events.
  • If entering with a non-conforming time (SCM or LCM), the swimmer must enter with the time achieved in the non-conforming course. Converted entry times will not be accepted.
  • Seeding for preliminary heats shall be in the following order: yards, long course meters, short course meters (YLS).

Scratch Rule:

  • There is no penalty for failing to scratch from a pre-seeded preliminary event.
  • The top 16 qualifiers in each preliminary event will be announced and posted shortly after the final heat.
  • ALL qualifiers have 30 minutes in which to scratch if they do not desire to compete in the finals. As top qualifiers scratch, other swimmers become eligible for finals. So if a swimmer does NOT want to swim in finals, they must scratch their name on the list with the Administrative Official no matter how far down the list their name appears. The athletes swimming in finals will be posted as soon as possible after the 30 minute scratch period.
  • Swimmers who qualify for finals and elect NOT to compete in finals must scratch or declare INTENT to scratch with the Administrative Official within 30 minutes of the announcement.
  • Swimmers who declare an intent to scratch will then have 15 minutes after the completion of their last individual event of the session to confirm the scratch.
  • Following the 15 minute deadline, if scratch confirmation is not received it will be assumed the swimmer will compete in the finals event.
  • Any swimmer who qualifies for a final and does not scratch and then fails to compete in the finals heat will be disqualified from further participation in the meet.
  • Does not apply to alternates
  • Illness and injury may be excused by the Meet Referee
  • In the event the no show is during finals on Sunday, the swimmer will also be fined $100.
  • A swimmer who fails to compete in a finals event on Sunday will also be barred from competition in subsequent South Texas Swimming sanctioned meets until any such fines are paid to South Texas Swimming.
  • Swimmers who fail to compete in the 1650 freestyle, 500 freestyle, or the 400 IM after positive check-in will be fined $100 (payable to South Texas Swimming) and banned from further participation in the meet.
  • Illness and injury may be excused by the Meet Referee
  • Scratches may be accomplished ONLY by the swimmer’s coach.

Order of Events:

Session 1 & 2: 12/U 50 Back --- 11/18 200 Fly --- 18/U 100 Breast --- 18/U 200 Free --- 13/18 200 Free RELAY --- 12/U 400 Free RELAY --- 12/18 400 IM

Session 3 & 4: 18/U 100 Back --- 12/U 50 Fly --- 11/18 200 Breast --- 18/U 100 Free --- 12/U 100 IM --- 13/18 400 Free RELAY --- 12/U 200 Free RELAY --- 11/18 500 Free --- 10/U 500 Free

Session 5 & 6: 12/U 50 Breast --- 11/18 200 Back --- 18/U 100 Fly --- 18/U 200 IM --- 18/U 50 Free --- 13/18 400 Medley RELAY --- 12/U 200 Medley Relay --- 11/18 1650 Free


  • Meet Information (click here)
    • See the full Meet Information above for any further questions, also contact primary group coach with any questions regarding entering events.
  • Warm-up Information
  • Prelims Timeline
  • Friday Psyche Sheet
  • Saturday Psyche Sheet
  • Sunday Psyche Sheet