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Oahu Grand Prix

Jul 23, 2019 - Jul 29, 2019
May, 1 2019


Oahu Grand Prix
July 23-July 29, 2019
If you have questions please email Coach Aaron immediately.
LOCATION:  Oahu, Hawaii
  • Please commit with a "Yes" if you plan on attending, no need to respond with a no if you do not plan on attending. To help us enter your swimmers, please indicate the day(s) you would prefer them to swim in the comments box when you commit to the event.
  • This is a Trials/Finals Swim meet:
    • Swim your race and try and make it back to swim finals
    • Open 50s of each stroke will include a shoot out swim that dwindles t otop 2 swimmers overall. 
    • Relays will be  avaialable 
  • Chaperones will be asked for, we will be looking for 1 chaperone per every 10 kids. Parents that offer to be chaperones will be trained and asked to fill out background checks and register with USA Swimming
  • We will send Coaches the duration of travel
  • Swimmers are EXPECTED to be remain with the team during the duration of travel. After the meet, if they choose to stay, it will be pre arranged and will not be given a flight refund (we will be purchasing round trips only)
  • More information will go out as the meet gets closer
  • Total due for this trip would be $2,400/ person
  • FUNDRAISING/ Payment- We will be fundraising for this event in the form of a Swim-A-Thon in late April. Please plan accordingly. 
  • Once committed and deadline has passed, coaches will enter each athlete in max number of events available to them. We will also discuss certian events for those that may have beyond the maximum amount. Relays will be set up by coaches day of event. 
  • We will only take 6 max of each age group of each gender: 11/under, 12-14, 15/older. Total of 36 athletes. If more than 36 athletes register we will take athletes that make qualifing times and would help the team out as a whole with points. This is a championship meet, we are looking to score top three this year.

Time standards will not be the only requirement for this swim meet. Coaches will also consistantly be looking at:

  • Good attendance or improvement in attendance at practices
  • Character
  • Behavior
  • Attitude toward others
  • Being coachable and a willingness to learn
  • Good citizenship or improvement in citizenship (how do you help your team?)
  • Meet participation
  • Demonstrates responsibility
  • Demonstrates Integrity  
  • Respectful to peers, coaches, and parents

TIME STANDARDS ATHLETES MUST ACHIEVE: at least Pacific BB time standards

PLease see below for meet information and time standards

If you have questions please email Coach Aaron immediately.

Fact Sheet: 

USA Swimming Registration Form

**Please note, if you plan on not attending, please un-commit or email us  48hours prior to the  team event registration deadline. Your account will be charged otherwise, thank you.