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Team Pasta Party Tradition

Feb 26, 2019 (06:30 PM) - Feb 26, 2019 (08:30 PM)
February, 22 2019


Pasta Party
Several years ago, parents came together and created a pasta party event two weeks before SENECY Champs for a team building night.  It was very successful and ran annually for several years. They secured the location, the food, drink and charged a fee to cover the cost.  The coaches attended and brought video, team building games and discussed championships.  Some parents have expressed their children missed having this event last year. 
Good News !
We will have it again this season thanks to our parent volunteers who came forward and offered to run this event for team.   Thank you to our parents,  Lisa Jones, Alyssa Bonner & Lindsey Madom, Jen Stearns (our parents from the 9-10 & 11-12 age groups )
Event Details:
To be announced.  We plan to hold practice on the Tuesday and have event start approx 6:30 PM and run for 1-2 hrs.  Drop off and pick times TBA