Short Course Champs III hosted by PEAK and PLAT/FCST

Mar 1, 2019 - Mar 3, 2019
February, 6 2019
Age Group 4 Navy,Age Group 4 Silver,Age Group 4 White,Briar Club White,Senior Navy,Senior Silver,Senior White (RICE Aquatics @ Briar Club,Rice University)


What: Short Course Champs III

When: March 1-3, 2019

Where: This meet has two host sites:  PEAK (Pearland) and PLAT/FCST (Sugar Land).  Once all entries have been received, the TPC will assign RICE to a meet site.

Meet Format: This is a five session, 2 1/2 day with a PM session on Friday and AM prelims/PM finals sessions on Saturday and Sunday.  There will be an A,B and C final for each age group. All relays will swim in prelims.  The 500/1000/1650 FR will be swum as timed finals events.

Eligibility: 13-14 yr olds must have three (3) or more USA Swimming "A" time standards to enter this meet and may then enter any events offered. There are no qualifying time standards for swimmers aged 15 and over, however NT or no times will not be allowed at this meet.

To commit to this event, please follow these steps:
1. Log into the site.
2. Click "attend this event."
3. Choose your swimmer(s)'s name(s).
4. Choose "Yes, they will attend" from the drop-down menu.
5. When choosing events, coaches will have the final input on what each swimmer will swim. Once a coach approves events, you will see a red check mark next to approved events. 

Deadline to Commit: Wednesday, February 6th  2019

Meet Sessions:  Session #1  Friday PM for swimmers 13 & Over girls and boys.  Warm-ups begin at 4pm and meet starts at 5:30pm 

Session #2: Saturday AM Prelims for 13 & Over girls and boys. Warm-ups begin at 7:30pm and meet starts at 9am.

Session #3: Saturday PM Finals. Warm-ups will begin at 4:30pm and meet will start at 5:30pm.

Session #4: Sunday AM Prelims for 13 & Over girls and boys. Warm-ups will begin at 7:30am and meet starts at 9am.

Session #5: Sunday PM Finals.  Warm-ups will begin at 4pm and meet will start at 5pm.

More Information:  The meet will be pre-seeded with the exception of the 400 IM, and the 500/1000/1650 FR which will be deck seeded.  Positive check-in for the 500 FR is :45 minutes before the start of the Friday session.  Check-in for the 1000 and 1650 FR is by 10am Saturday and Sunday respectively.  The fastest 8 girls and boys who check in for the 1000 and 1650 and do not elect prelim swims will swim the event during finals.

Swimmers may compete in up to three (3) individual events per day.

Once the prelim event is swum and the swimmers for finals are announced, swimmers have :30 minutes to scratch from finals. Swimmers must consult with their coach before scratching a finals event.  Finalists who fail to scratch and then no show at the blocks for finals will be fined and removed from the remainder of the meet.

Time Trials may be offered with time permitting after the prelim sessions on both Saturday and Sunday.  Swimmers will pay on site for time trial entries.  Entries must be submitted at least :90 minutes prior to the end of the prelims sessions.  Swimmers must consult with their coach before entering time trials events.  Swimmers may only enter up to the maximum of three (3) events per day including what was swum in prelims.  14 & Under swimmers must have the USA Swimming "A" time in an event to enter it in time trials and the Gulf up/down rule will apply to the time trials entry process.