Senior Team Training Trip 2019

Apr 8, 2019 - Apr 14, 2019
February, 1 2019
National,Senior Performance (Bellevue Club)


Last year was our first time running a training trip and it was a great success! As such we will be heading back down to San Diego for a Spring break training trip. This year the training trip is available to the Senior Performance and National groups.

We have made a group reservation on Alaska Airlines for non-stop flights to and from San Diego. The airfare for this group reservation will be $321+tax. I am asking that swimmers/families commit by Friday, February 1st to ensure their spot in our group reservation. I have received plenty of commitments already and I will continue to update the team roster as we iron out travel arrangements. If your family would like to use Alaska miles and book separately from our group block you are more than welcome to do so, but please try to get a spot on our same flights. The following is the flight itinerary for our group block.






Alaska 266

Seattle, WA
April 08, 2018
7:50 AM

San Diego, CA
April 08, 2018
10:35 AM


Alaska 481

San Diego, CA
April 14, 2018
9:45 AM

Seattle, WA
April 14, 2018
12:50 PM



If your family would like to use miles and book a flight with another airline please do so, but please make sure your swimmer is allowed to travel alone and will not require an adult to travel with them. I would prefer for swimmers not to travel alone but if it makes more sense for your family you may. If booking on another airline, please book a flight that is within an hour of the team landing in San Diego on Monday, April 8th and departing San Diego around the same time (within an hour) as the team flight on Sunday, April 14th. This will allow for easy transportation to and from the airport.

If a swimmer commits by February 1st, the family will be responsible for the airfare. If committing by February 1st is not possible, you are more than welcome to wait until a later date to book a flight. Again, if you choose to book a separate flight please try to book within an hour of our team flight’s scheduled arrival and departure.

While training trips are fun, the training itself will be the primary focus of this trip and it will be extremely tough. If your swimmer has any concerns about whether they can handle the workload or not, please have them meet with us before they commit. The coaching staff will also keep an eye on the roster and schedule any meetings we feel necessary.   

We will be practicing at the Brian Bent Memorial Aquatic Complex (BBMAC). In addition to our pool practices, we will also have a few dryland sessions scheduled in the facility’s weight room.

Last year we stayed at the Coronado Inn. The hotel is within walking distance to the BBMAC and is also within walking distance to the beach and restaurants. Simply put, it was a great option for our team. The swimmers spent very little time in their rooms and enjoyed the beach and sun! The coordinator is still working on room rates for us and I will communicate those numbers as soon as I get them. Last season, the room rates were $140/room for double beds and $190/room for double beds + kitchenette. We will plan to sleep three to four swimmers to a room, two to a bed.

Swimmers will be responsible for paying for their own meals and any other items they wish to purchase on the trip. Families will be responsible for swimmers’ flight and hotel as well. There will be no support from the Boosters on this trip.

Swimmers and families will adhere to the team’s signed code of conduct while traveling with the team. Swimmers who fail to adhere to the signed code of conduct will be subjected to immediate disciplinary action which may include an immediate dismissal from the training trip.

We will need a couple of parent chaperones. If you are interested in volunteering as a parent chaperone please let me know ASAP! Please let me know if you have any questions. We are all looking forward to continuing this unique opportunity!