Summer Training Program (Block 2)

Jul 22, 2019 - Aug 10, 2019
May, 31 2019


Dear Parents,

I want to inform you that we are planning to offer for the first time a summer program for all our athletes.

We will send more details and information as we progress, on the plans, because this will be a new program for the club, we still need to finalize setting up some details, such as the available pool time that we might have to accommodate the groups and schedules.

We are going to try to allow our swimmers that want (optional) to continue improving technical skills and maintain the fitness levels achieved during the season by:

  • Work on technique details to prepare a better season.
  • Minimize deterioration of the aerobic base.
  • Be a good training option for our athletes to stay active during the summer.

Practice time will be approximately from 45 to 120 minutes, mainly in the afternoon, and  we are going to have two blocks of three weeks each:

  1. From July 1 to July 20
  2. From July 22 to August 10

Each athlete will be able to register for any of the blocks or even for both of them.

Since this is an additional program from the regular season, it will have to have an extra cost, which will be able to be determined once the group schedules are determined.

Thanks and kind regards,

Luis Luebs