Central Section Region VIII

Mar 7, 2019 - Mar 9, 2019 (11:00 PM)
March, 1 2019


Location:  Mizzou Aquatic Center at the University of Missouri Student Recreation Complex, 213 Rothwell Gymnasium, Columbia, MO 65211. To find this on navigation app, enter Corner of Rollins & Hitt Street on the University of Missouri Campus or use 1100 Rollins St. which is actually a building on
opposite corner.
Day 1:  Distance and relays:  4:30 PM (warm-ups begin at 3:00 PM)
Day 2–3:  Prelims 9:00 AM (warm-ups begin at 6:30 AM, Finals: 5:30 PM (warm-ups begin at 4:00 PM)
Day 4:  Prelims 10:00 AM (warm-ups begin at 7:30 AM), Finals :  4:30 PM (warm-ups begin at 3:00 PM
Swimmers entering the meet must have at least one provable entry time to enter the meet.
Bonus swims are offered based on the following:
a. 1 proven time allows for 2 bonus events
b. 2 proven times allows for 2 bonus events
c. 3 proven times allows for 2 bonus events
d .4 proven times allows for 2 bonus events
e.  proven times allows for 1 bonus event
Entry limits:
1.  Each swimmer may  compete in only a maximum of 6 individual events plus relays for the total meet.
2. Each swimmer may compete in no more than 3 individual events per day including Time Trials.
3. Time Trials DO NOT count towards the total number of events allowed for the meet.
Entry Fees:
$ 21.00 facility surcharge per swimmer
Proven individual events are $10.00 per event.
Bonus individual events are $16.00 per event
$25.00 Dolphin Surcharge