ASA Meet #6 - 2019 ASA Divisional Championship (GA Tech)

Jun 28, 2019 (02:00 PM) - Jun 28, 2019 (05:30 PM)
June, 17 2019


Meet Entry Deadline: Monday, June 18th 2019
When: Friday, June 29th, 2018. Rapids Arrival: 2:00 PM, Rapids Warmup 3:00 - 3:20 PM. Meet start approx. 3:30 PM
Where: Georgia Tech Natatorium (site of the 1996 Olympics)
Address: 750 Ferst Drive, Atlanta, GA 30332 ( Google Maps Directions)
Cost: TBD
Who: All Rapids (swimmers do not need to qualify for this event)
How: Sign up online at the link for ASA Meet #6 - ASA Divisional Championships @ Ga. Tech (Final Meet of Season).

**This event is one of six Divisional Sessions.  The top 30 (11 & Over) and top 40 (10 & Under) from across all divisional sessions return for Finals on Saturday, June 30th.  Every swimmer must confirm with their coach whether they can swim in Finals on Saturday or not.  If you do not confirm that you will swim in Finals if you make it, the coaches will assume that you CANNOT attend.  Teams will be fined $10 per swimmer per event for no-shows on Saturday's Finals session.**

Please be advised that many of the routes to the pool once you exit the Interstate are currently under construction and will likely add some time to your trip to the pool. Please ensure you build in a little extra time when leaving for the pool to account for any delays.

We still need volunteers for the meet (we need Rapids volunteers and we have to supply ASA volunteers to the league as well). Please visit the job signup link on this event page (top right) to see what jobs we still need to fill. If we do not provide the "ASA" labeled volunteers they will hold up the start of the meet while they page our team over and over again. If you have not met your five half requirement, we really need you to step-up at this meet and fill one of our vacant slots.

Just a reminder that parking at Georgia Tech is unfortunately not free.

If you would like to prepay for your parking and get your pass in advance, please visit the following link Due to construction around campus, the event may not be posted online until Monday, the week of the meet, so be patient.
Please only buy the day you need and make sure you select the correct day. Our 2018 Divisional Championshp is Day 3 - Friday) - please double-check that you are buying a pass for the correct day if purchasing the advanced pass online.
The cost for the advance passes is $12.00 (thanks to a service charge). If you do not prepay for parking you will need cash to park, the cost is $15 at the gate.
There will also be signs around the venue that will point you in the direction of the lots for the meet.

The Psych sheet and entry list for our session (session 6) is available on the league website.

We will provide the relay orders and their heats/lanes in the bullpen when you arrive for the meet (so you can go ahead and mark E/H/L/S for their individual events and E for their relays before you head down, we'll supply the H/L/S for their relay when you get there).

Rapids warm-ups begin at 3:00 PM and the meet starts at 3:30 PM. The league will not delay any events to wait for missing or late swimmers.

We will have a Rapids check-in at the front door of the CRC/Natatorium. Look for our banner and please make sure you check-in so we aren't scrambling to look for you afterwards.

For 2018 our bullpen is in the stands (the league rotates each team's bullpen between the stands and the pool deck every other year). Only swimmers and official Rapids/ASA volunteers are allowed on deck and in the bullpen during the meet. Parents will need to drop off their swimmers on deck and then go sit in the stands.

We are going to be in close competition with several other teams for the division championship title on Friday so please help your team out!

  1. Don't be a no-show! No-shows will cause us to cancel relays and take swims away from our kids. It will also create confusion for our coaches and bullpen and relay volunteers and most likely cost us team points in the relays (relays are double the points of individual events e.g. a first place relay scores 64 points as opposed to 32 points for a first place in an individual event).
  2. Don't be late! Please show up at or before 2:00 PM.  All of the relays are on the front end of the meet (i.e. the free relays take place right after the medley relays. If you are late, you will miss the relays entirely and cause the same issues as mentioned in #1. If your swimmer needs a ride, please let us know as early in the week as possible so we can assist in finding your swimmer a ride.
  3. Make sure your children stay in the bullpen for the first part of the meet because of the relays being all at the front end of the meet.
  4. Don't grab your kids and leave the bullpen without checking with the bullpen parents. While the meet order will be different (see below), the meet event numbers remain the same, so the event showing on the boards will be misleading as we will have already swum many events further down in numerical order.
  5. Make sure you kids are well rested, hydrated, and pack extra food/drinks in case the concessions are having issues (the concessions at Tech can be spotty for this meet).

Events will have the same event number as our dual meets; however, the events will not be run in sequential order!

The order of events at ASA Divisionals are:



Event #

Event Name

1 & 2

6 & Under Free Relays (Girls/Boys)

3 thru 12

7/8, 9/10, 11/12, 13/14, 15/18 Medley Relays (Girls/Boys)

13 & 14

6 & Under 25 Free Individual Events (Girls/Boys)

77 thru 86

7/8, 9/10, 11/12, 13/14, 15/18 Freestyle Relays (Girls/Boys)

35 & 36

6 & Under 25 Backstroke Individual Events (Girls/Boys)

15 thru 24

7 & Up Short Freestyle Individual Events

25 thru 34

7 & Up Long Freestyle Individual Events

37 thru 46

7 & Up Backstroke Individual Events

47 thru 56

7 & Up Individual Medley Individual Events 

57 thru 66

7 & Up Breaststroke Individual Events

67 thru 76

7 & Up Butterfly Individual Events