WELCOME to Central California Swimming!

Non-Athlete Member Registration

Jan 1, 2019 - Dec 31, 2019
August, 10 2019


This is the registration for Non-Athlete Members who plan to serve in the following capacities:

  • Coaches
  • Stroke and Turn / Deck Officials
  • Administrative Officials
  • Meet Directors
  • Club Board Members

The USA Swimming Non-Athlete membership is valid through December 31 of the end of the year.  Each year, CCS will reset the online registration process on August 11 to register for the upcoming "swim year," ending on December 31 of the FOLLOWING year.  For instance, those registering on September 1, 2019 will be registered for the remainder of 2019 as well as the whole of 2020.  

The cost for a Non-Athlete membership is $79, to be paid by credit card at the time of registration.

Following the online registration, ALL Non-Athlete Members MUST also complete the USA Swimming Athlete Protection Training and a Background Check.  Please click the following links to be guided to the process:

Coach Members must also complete additional education to complete the membership.  Please  CLICK THIS LINK for more details.