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Mar 1, 2019 - Mar 3, 2019
March, 1 2019



March 1-3, 2019

A Short Course Yards Prelims/Finals Meet

Eligible:  Gulf Swimmers 13 & Over

DEADLINE February 6, 2019



Pearland Recreation Center and Natatorium

4141 Bailey Road

Pearland, TX 77584



This is five session, 2 ½ day prelims/finals meet with a timed final session on Friday and AM prelims/PM finals sessions on Saturday and Sunday.


Session 1: Friday PM – March 1, 2019

Age Groups: 13 & Over girls and boys

Warm-up *: 4:00 – 5:15 pm / Meet Start: 5:30 pm


Session 2: Saturday Prelims – March 2, 2019

Age Groups: 13 & Over girls and boys

Warm-up*: 7:30 – 8:45 am / Meet Start: 9:00 am


Session 3: Saturday Finals – March 2, 2019

Age Groups: 13 & Over girls and boys

Warm-up**: 4:30-5:15 pm/Meet Start:  5:30 pm


Session 4: Sunday Prelims—March 3, 2019

Age Groups: 13 & Over girls and boys

Warm-up*: 7:30 – 8:45 am / Meet Start: 9:00 am


Session 5: Sunday Finals—March 3, 2019

Age Groups: 13 & Over girls and boys

Warm-up**: 4:00-4:45 pm/ Meet Start:  5:00 pm


*Split warm-ups will be in effect, with assignments posted on the Gulf Swimming website. Lane assignments for warm-ups and timing will be designated in the heat sheet, and posted on the Gulf Swimming website by Monday, February 25, 2019. **Open warm-ups for finals will begin 3 hours after the conclusion of the last relay of the morning session, but not before 4:30 pm Saturday or 4:00 pm Sunday..



This is a prelims/finals meet with the exception of relays, the 400 I.M. and the 500/1000/1650 freestyle events, which will be timed finals events.  Finals will consist of an A, B, and C final for each age group.  All relays will swim in prelims.  


Friday’s events, all relays, and all prelims heats for the 1000 freestyle and 1650 freestyle will swim in two pools, separated by girl’s pool/boy’s pool.  All other prelims events will swim in two pools, odd heats in one pool and even heats in the other pool.  


Finals events for Saturday and Sunday will swim in one pool slowest to fastest, youngest to oldest, except for the 1000 and 1650 freestyle events, which will be swum in two pools.  


This meet will be run utilizing the “Flyover Starts” procedures unless a waiver is received from the Technical Planning Committee Chair. At the conclusion of each heat, the swimmers shall remain in the water until after the next heat is started. Coaches, please remind your swimmers of the “Flyover Start” procedures.



The meet is pre-seeded for events of 200 yards or less.  Swimmers may compete in a maximum of 3 individual events per day.  Swimmers must scratch any additional events entered by filling out a scratch card and depositing in the scratch box at least 45 minutes prior to the start of each preliminary session.  The scratch box will be located at the Clerk of Course.  Note: a no show or a DFS is NOT considered a scratch and will be counted as one of the events for the swimmer. 




The meet will be pre-seeded, with the exception of relays, the 400 IM, and 500/1000/1650 freestyle events, which will be deck seeded events. Coaches please inform your swimmers of pre-seeded and deck seeded rules. All prelims and timed finals events will be seeded with heats in the order of fastest to slowest, youngest to oldest.   As a courtesy to the host, coaches should inform the clerk of course of swimmers not attending the meet. Empty lanes will be used for deck entries.



Distance events (greater than 200 yards):  Positive check in is required for Friday’s events up to 45 minutes prior to the meet start.  Positive check in is required for the 1000 and 1650 freestyle events by 10:00 am Saturday and Sunday, respectively.   NOTE:  At check in, swimmers may elect to swim the event during prelims. The fastest 8 girls and the fasted 8 boys who check-in for each event, and who do not elect to swim in prelims, will swim during finals.  All others will swim in prelims as the LAST event, fastest to slowest.  


The 1000 and 1650 freestyle events will be swum as timed final events and age groups will be combined into one event for girls and one event for boys for seeding purposes.  Each event will be seeded by the entry time (but scored separately by age group)All swimmers must circle in on sheets that will be available at the start of warm-up for the session, and due 45 minutes before the start of the session in which the event is scheduled to swim. After the events are officially closed, no one may check-in or scratch. After checking-in, failure to appear at the starting blocks will result in the swimmer being assessed a $5.00 fine, payable to Gulf Swimming Administrative Vice-Chair, Charlie Fry, for each event in which he/she fails to appear. 


Qualifying Times: 

Entry Times: Swimmers must enter at their best time. Entry times must be submitted in the course at which the best time was achieved – short course yards (Y), short course meters (S), or long course meters (L). Do not convert meter (yard) times to yard (meter) times. If entries are made by paper (not using HyTek), swimmers should indicate on their entry the course at which the entry time was made (i.e., Y, S, or L). Swimmers may not enter with a no time (NT), except for 50’s non-free. 


Cut-off Times:   None


Qualifying Times:  13-14 age group swimmers must have 3 or more 2018-2020 USA Swimming National Age Group Motivational “A” Time Standards to compete in this meet and may enter any event.  There are no qualifying times for 15 and older swimmers, however, NT’s are not allowed.  


Age:  As of March 1, 2019


Times Eligibility:   Times must be achieved between Feb 1, 2017 and the entry deadline.


Number of Events: 

Swimmers may compete in up to three (3) individual events per day and one (1) relay event per day.  Swimmers who enter more than 3 events per day must scratch extra events 45 minutes prior to the start of the preliminary session.  See scratching section above for details and scratch procedures. 



Individual Event Entry Fee (per event):  $7.50

Relay Entry Fee (per relay event):  $16.50

Swimmer Surcharge Fee (per swimmer):  $7.00


Heat sheets will be available through Meet Mobile