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Mar 7, 2019 - Mar 9, 2019 (11:00 PM)
March, 3 2019


2019 Short Course

Texas Age Group Swimming Championships


Hosted by  The Woodlands Swim Team March 7-10, 2019

Sanction No. GU-SC-19-082

Time Trials Sanction No. GU-SC-19-083         


Conroe ISD Natatorium

19133 David Memorial Drive

Shenandoah, Texas 77385.

From I-45 Northbound: Exit College Park Drive (exit 79a). Proceed north on the frontage road and turn right on Ed English Drive. Proceed to David Memorial Drive and turn right, the Natatorium will be on your left, adjacent to the Woodforest Football Stadium.  From I-45 Southbound: exit Tamina (exit number 77). At the intersection of I-45 and Research Forest/Tamina, turn left onto Tamina Road and travel to the first stop light.  At the stop light turn left onto David Memorial, proceed and the Natatorium will be on your right.

Important updates pertaining to the meet and information regarding local amenities will be posted on The Woodlands Swim Team website (, the TSA website, ( & the Gulf Swimming website  (


This is a prelims/finals meet with the exception of relays, the 1000/1650 freestyle and the 12 & under 500 freestyle, which will be timed finals events. Unless the meet host determines one pool is more appropriate, all preliminary sessions will swim in two pools with Odd Heats in the West Pool and Even Heats in the East Pool, with all heats swimming slowest to fastest.   Finals will swim in the East Pool and shall consist of A/B heats for all individual P/F events and one (1) heat of each relay events, with all heats swimming slowest to fastest. Meet timelines, pool configuration, and lane timing assignments will be designated in the psych sheet and posted on both the TWST ( and the Gulf Swimming ( websites by Tuesday, March 5, 2019.  Open warm-ups will be in eGENERAL MEETING: All swimmers must be represented at a general meeting to be held Thursday, March 7, 2019 in the hospitality area/football locker rooms at the Conroe ISD Natatorium. The meeting will begin immediately after the conclusion of Thursday’s events. Any changes to the conduct of the meet will be decided at this meeting. It is each swimmers and/or coaches responsibility to be aware of any changes made during this meeting. 


There will be a short opening ceremony and team parade on Friday, March 8, 2019 at 9:00 am before the start of the preliminary session. Team representatives may carry team banners or flags and each team will be announced.  There will be a 10 minute break after the last team is announced and before the meet events begin.   Team pep rallies and demonstrations may be held BEFORE the playing of the National Anthem And AFTER the start of the first event at each session, but not between the two.  fect for all finals sessions. 


Age/Registration: All swimmers, age 14 and younger, must be registered as athletes for 2019 with USA Swimming Inc. by the entry deadline and must be registered as a member of one of the five (5) Texas Local Swimming Committees (LSC’S). Entries with “applied for” or “pending” registration will not be accepted. There will NOT be an opportunity to obtain a valid USA Swimming number or registration at the competition.   Qualifying Times/Dates: All swimmers must meet the time standards established for each event he or she enters (time standards are included in the event tables) and must have achieved those times between January 1, 2018 and March 3, 2019. Typographical and transcription errors with regards to achieved qualification times will fall under the current USA Swimming Rules and Regulations Paragraph 207.9.5. Age Up Date: Competitors must indicate their USA Swimming number and their age, as of March 7, 2019 Team Scoring/Awards Eligibility: Swimmers may compete with a team that is registered with any of the five LSC’s. The team must be a member of the Texas Swimming Association (TSA) for their swimmers to compete in any event and to earn team points and awards (see TSA MEMBERSHIP REQUIREMENTS below). All teams must comply with all TSA entry requirements.  Unattached Swimmers: A swimmer may swim “unattached” if he/she is ineligible to represent a team with whom they swim.  Unattached swimmers may not earn team points. If an unattached swimmer is not representing a team, that individual must pay the $25.00 TSA dues to be eligible for the meet.

Day/Event Deadline 1000 Freestyle – Positive Check-in 500 Freestyle 12&U

Positive Check-in 800 Freestyle Relay – Relay Cards Due
Thursday 4:00 PM Friday’s Relay Events – Relay Cards Due/Declare AM/PM
Friday’s Individual Events – Scratch from prelims
No later than 10 minutes after the conclusion of the general meeting. 
Saturday’s Relay Events – Relay Cards Due/Declare AM/PM
Saturday’s Individual Events – Scratch from prelims
Friday 6:00 PM

1650 Freestyle – Positive Check In/Declare AM/PM Sunday’s Relay Events – Relay Cards Due/Declare AM/PM Sunday’s Individual Events – Scratch from Prelims
Saturday 6:00 PM


Number of Events: Swimmers may enter as many qualified events as desired but may only compete in a total of seven (7) individual events during the entire meet with no more than three (3) individual events during any one day, plus one (1) relay per day, except on Saturday when two relays are offered.  On Saturday, swimmers may participate in two (2) relays. Time trial events will count as one of the three (3) events allowed per day, but not for one of the seven (7) meet events.
Bonus Swims:

Swimmers with 1 regular cut get 1 bonus swim     Swimmers with 2 regular cuts get 1 bonus swim     Swimmers with 3 or more regular cuts get 0 bonus swims Individual time standards only – relay times are not included in bonus cuts   Scratching/No Shows: Please note that you must scratch the events you don’t want to swim by the deadline specified in the CHECK-IN/SCRATCH DEADLINES section above or MEET SCHEDULE below.  Failure to scratch an event counts as one of your seven (7) allowed events for the meet and as one of your three (3) events for the day.   Penalty for no-show counts as disqualification and one of the seven (7) allowable swims.  A no-show for a finals qualifier will result in that swimmer being barred from the remainder of the meet.  
Seed Times:

All seed times should be submitted in 100ths. Swimmers qualifying with a “non-confirming” time (long course meters) should enter that event using the nonconforming time. This allows OME to prove a qualifying entry time.
13-14 Bonus Event 1000 Free:  A swimmer that has the qualifying time for the 1650/1500 freestyle also qualifies for the 1000. If entering the 1000 freestyle with the 1650/1500 freestyle qualification, the swimmer must enter the 1000 freestyle as a bonus event in OME using his/her 1650/1500 time. This will provide proof of time in OME and will allow proper seeding of the event: 1000 SCY, 800 LCM, 1650 SCY, 1500 LCM.
13-14 Bonus Event 1650 Free: A swimmer that has the qualifying time for the 1000/800 freestyle also qualifies for the 1650 freestyle. If entering the 1650 freestyle with the 1000/800 freestyle qualification, the swimmer must enter the 1650 freestyle as a bonus event in OME using his/her 1000/800 time. This will provide proof of time in OME and will allow proper seeding of the event: 1650 SCY, 1500 LCM, 1000 SCY, 800 LCM. 

Individual Events:   $15.00 per individual event

Relay events:    $20.00 per relay event

Swimmer Surcharge:  $5.00 per swimmer

TSA Dues:   $25.00 per team or per unattached swimmer

Time Trials:   $20.00 per event

On Deck Individual Entry: $30.00 per event

On Deck Relay Entry:  $60.00 per relay