2019 PVS 14 & Under Junior Olympic Championships

Mar 14, 2019 - Mar 17, 2019
March, 3 2019
Booster Club 2018-2019


This swim meet is open to all DC Wave registered swimmers for the 2018-2019 season who are aged 14 and under and have met the qualifying standards. Swimmers will compete as the age they are on March 14, 2019.


University of Maryland
Eppley Recreation Center

College Park, MD


  • Thursday (All Ages- Timed Finals)
    • 4:30 PM Warm-ups
    • 5:40 PM Session Starts
  • Friday-Sunday
    • 11-14
      • 7:00 AM Warm-ups
      • 8:30 AM Session Starts
    • 10 & Unders
      • 12:40 PM Warm-ups
      • 1:30 PM Session Starts
    • Finals 
      • 5:00 PM Warm-ups
      • 6:00 PM Session Starts

Important Notes:

  • For a list of events offered, and the order the meet will be swum in, please refer to the Meet Announcement below.
  • This meet has qualifying times:
  • Positive check-in is required for all events 400 yds and longer. Swimmers who do not check-in will not be seeded into that event.
    • Athletes who have checked in, have been seeded, and fail to swim the event will be barred from their next scheduled individual event, unless excused by the Meet Referee.
    • For the Check-in Timeline, see the meet announcement.
  • Heat sheets may not be availble prior to the meet as they will be selling programs for $10. 
  • Prelims and Finals:
    • All individual events are prelims and finals except the 11-12 and 10 & Under 500 yd Freestyle and the 14 & Under 1000 yd & 1650 yd Freestyle which are timed finals.
    • Except where otherwise noted the 10 & Under events will have 1 heat at Finals, the 11-12, 12 & Under, 13-14 and 14 & Under events will have 2 heats at Finals, swum in the order of “B”, “A”.
  • Mixed Gender Relays:
    • Mixed gender relays will be swum as the first events of the Finals Sessions on Friday (400 FR), Saturday (200 Medley), and Sunday (200 FR).
    • Positive check-in for the mixed gender relay events will close at the end of the prelims session on the day they are swum.