SKSC In-house PASS Meet

Mar 8, 2019
March, 6 2019
March 7, 2019
(this is a team hosted event)
2a.Silver SSLC Roster,2b. Silver GLFD Roster,3a. Gold SSLC - PASS,3b. Gold GLFD - PASS,3c. Gold SSLC - LMR,3d. Gold GLFD - LMR,4a. Junior Competitive,4b. Junior Competitive LMR ([* ALL Locations *])


SKSC In-house PASS Meet

Groups: Silver, Gold - ALL, Junior Competitive-ALL

Location: Guildford

Meet Information: On deck 5:10pm

How do I sign up or decline the meet:
Click on the attend this event button on the upper right portion of this page.  Select your swimmers name, and then select YES or NO
This is an SKSC hosted event.  Please see job sign up for available positions (note, sign up open closer to date).