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2019 Annual Trent Swim Club Swim A thon

Mar 30, 2019
March, 27 2019
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This is a mandatory event for all competitive stream athletes and families. This annual club wide fundraising event is a great way to build team pride, team cohesion and raise money in the process. Teams will compete against one another to finish a series of skills and challenges. Parents and families are welcome to watch the event.

Swimathon 2019 Update
With only two weeks until our annual swimathon, we are almost 40% of the way to our fundraising goal of$5400.00!  Great work Torpedoes!!
Reminder: Each swimmer is asked to raise $75.00 towards swimathon.  Swimathon is a mandatory team event.  Go to to sign up today!
Swimmers who show up on the day of the event without registering on the raise-a-thon site will have a $25.00 participation fee added to their swim account.
The first 10 swimmers who signed up on the electronic fundraising site and will be receiving Trent Swag are:
Clara Murison, Wyatt Sayer, Olivia Preston, the Garside Family, Haley Griffin, Sarah Davis, Tanner Harris-Barton, Sloane Appleby, Paige Piché, and Rielle MacDougall.  
Congratulations Swimmers!!
Volunteer Call Out!
In order to ensure that our swimathon runs successfully, we rely on the support of our swim families.  We need 8-10 volunteers to help run the event for the following roles:
6 - lane counters and team supports
2 - set up the party room, get water, handle pizza delivery
1-2 - check in for swimmers, set up of lanes
If you would like to volunteer, you will earn 2 hours towards your volunteer commitment.  Please email Jen at if you would like to help out!
Family Relay Challenge Reminder
For those families who are interested in participating in the swim challenge, please send me an email at  Once we have a list of willing families, then swimmers, coaches and swim families can pay $5.00 per nomination, to nominate a family to swim in a relay specially designed by the coaches!
If you have any questions about the event, please don't hesitate to contact Jen Griffin at
Stay tuned for more updates as the event draws closer!