2019 FOBY Spring Training

Apr 8, 2019 - Jun 22, 2019
March, 8 2019


2019 FOBY Spring Training

Attached you will find the Practice Schedule, Group Descriptions and Team Handbook for the 2019 FOBY Spring Training which will run from Monday 4/8/19 – Saturday 6/22/19. Spring Training offers a continued focus on technique for all four strokes, the Individual Medley, starts and turns, as well as training that leads right into our summer session. Competitions during Spring Training are in the form of YMCA & USA Swimming Invitational Meets. The dryland schedule for Junior 3, Junior 4, Senior 1, Senior 2 & Senior 3 will be provided at a later date as it is dependent on space availability at the YMCA. Dryland practice will begin on Monday 4/15/19.


Practice Locations:

Freehold YMCA – 470 E. Freehold Road, Freehold, NJ 07728

Old Bridge YMCA – 1 Mannino Park Drive, Old Bridge, NJ 08857


Additional Information:

*All FOBY Swimmers from the 2018-2019 Fall/Winter Swim Team Season, whether they fulfilled their commitment requirements or not, are eligible to participate in the 2019 FOBY Spring Training session. Any swimmers who are new to the team, or did not participate in the Fall/Winter season with FOBY, are required to tryout for Spring Training in March. The dates, locations and times of those tryouts are posted on the front page of our team website. If you did not fulfill your FOBY Swim Team Commitment Requirements during the 2018-2019 Fall/Winter Season, you must try out in July or August for the Fall/Winter 2019-2020 Season if you’d like to participate.

*All swimmers will be placed in practice groups based on their age as of 8/1/19. As a reminder, Mini 1 & Mini 2 are for 8/under swimmers, Junior 1 & Junior 2 are for swimmers ages 9-11, Junior 3 & Junior 4 for swimmers ages 10-12, and Senior 1, 2 & 3 are for swimmers ages 13/Over. Please read the attached group descriptions for more information. 

*Because of the large size of our team, when attending invitational meets during a month we will be sending some swimmers to one meet, and the rest of the swimmers to another meet. A tentative Spring Training meet schedule will be posted once dates and locations of the meets have been finalized.

*All Junior & Senior swimmers are required to be registered with USA Swimming for the 2019 Calendar Year. Any 8/Under swimmers who are interested may also register, but it is not required. Benefits of this membership include - The chance to swim in additional invitational and championship meets, a yearly subscription to Splash magazine - both online and sent to your home, access to USA Swimming’s extensive database of times for you and your friends, access to volumes of education content, tips and tutorials, and access to motivational programs such as Scholastic All-America, age group Top 10, Club Excellence and more! If not already a member, the cost for the 2019 calendar year is $68 and will be charged at registration.

*All Senior 3 swimmers are required to maintain 75% practice attendance throughout the Spring Training session. Failure to do so will result in group reassignment for the following session, which is the 2019 FOBY Summer Session.  


Program Fees:

Senior 3


Senior 2


Senior 1


Junior 4


Junior 3


Junior 2


Junior 1


Mini 2


Mini 1


*A $100 non-refundable deposit towards program fees will be due at registration.

*Two options will be available for payment – paying in full at registration, or following a payment schedule via credit card.


Additional Fees per Swimmer:

PME (Pre-Meet Entry) Account – All accounts will be required to start the season with $100 per swimmer.


Please commit, either yes or no, to this event by no later than Friday 3/8/19 to reserve your spot for next session. Tryouts will be ongoing during March, so any open spots will be filled at that time. After commitments are finalized, a follow up email will go out to the team with group placements, and registration information. It is not possible for us to properly and fairly place your swimmers where they will best succeed until we have finalized all of the commitments. Registration will open on Friday, March 15th.