Canada Travel Meet

May 22, 2019 - May 27, 2019
February, 20 2019


Mel Zajac Meet Information

Commitment due: Feb 20th – Swimmers committing on this date will be billed $200.  This commitment will cover booking costs associated with team travel.  This money is not refundable. 

We are opening up a new meet opportunity this May to allow swimmers a real cool first experience with International travel and competition. We will be taking our senior level athletes to attend the Mel Zajac meet at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada.  Listed below is some information regarding this meet. 

  1. Passports – Swimmers interested in attending this meet must have valid US Passports to travel to Canada. This process can take a solid 2 to 3 months to complete so swimmers should be getting this process started ASAP. 
  2. Travel Dates – May 22nd (Wednesday) – May 27th (Monday)
  3. Flights – Coach Billy will send out team flight information on Feb 20th.  Swimmers interested in traveling with the coaching staff should book the same flight.  Swimmers not on this flight must travel with a parent or chaperone.
  4. Travel – We will be getting a shuttle from the airport to the UBC campus.  Once on campus everything is walking distance from the dorm/hotel rooms.  Restaurants, groceries, CVS and other stores are on campus or just off campus and walkable. 
  5. Hotel – We are staying in dorms on the UBC campus.  Each dorm room has six individual rooms that share a common room and bathroom.  We will have girls stay in a block of rooms together and boys stay in a separate block of rooms. 
  6. Family travel – families are welcome to travel with their swimmers to this meet.  The hotel has different options of rooms for families and single rooms.  Just let Coach Billy know if you would like to stay on the UBC campus and I can send you over the hotel contact information for you to book on your own. 
  7. Meet Qualification –
    1. Time Standards – Attached are the time standards to attend this meet.  Swimmers must qualify in 4 events to be eligible to attend the meet. 
    2. Practice attendance – Swimmers are required to attend a minimum of 7 workouts per week from February 1 – May 22nd to be eligible to attend this meet. 
  8. Financials
    1. Flights – Families will book flight for their individual swimmers.  Prices look like $350 - $500 at this point. 
    2. Dorm – Dorm costs are $65/night per swimmer. This covers breakfast for each swimmer.
    3. Meet entries - $105 per swimmer
    4. Shuttle to/from airport – Should run around $25/swimmer.