Apr 26, 2019 (05:00 PM) - Apr 26, 2019 (07:00 PM)
April, 23 2019
Blue SHARKS M/W 5:30-6:30,Blue SHARKS M/W 6:30-7:30,Blue SHARKS T/R 5:30-6:30,Blue SHARKS T/R 6:30-7;30,Bull SHARKS M/W 3:30,Bull SHARKS M/W 4:15,Bull SHARKS M/W 5:00,Bull SHARKS M/W 5:45,Bull SHARKS M/W 6:30,Bull SHARKS M/W 7:15,Bull SHARKS T/R 3:30,Bull SHARKS T/R 4:15,Bull SHARKS T/R 5:00,Bull SHARKS T/R 5:45,Bull SHARKS T/R 6:30,Bull SHARKS T/R 7:15,Dusky SHARKS,Leopard SHARKS M/W 2:30 up,Leopard SHARKS M/W 3:00 up,Leopard SHARKS M/W 3:30 up,Leopard SHARKS M/W 4:00 up,Leopard SHARKS M/W 4:30 up,Leopard SHARKS M/W 5:00 up,Leopard SHARKS M/W 5:30 up,Leopard SHARKS M/W 6:00 up,Leopard SHARKS M/W 6:30 up,Leopard SHARKS M/W 7:00 up,Leopard SHARKS M/W 7:30 up,Leopard SHARKS T/R 1:00 up,Leopard SHARKS T/R 12:30 up,Leopard SHARKS T/R 2:30 up,Leopard SHARKS T/R 3:00 up,Leopard SHARKS T/R 3:30 up,Leopard SHARKS T/R 4:00 up,Leopard SHARKS T/R 4:30 up,Leopard SHARKS T/R 5:00 up,Leopard SHARKS T/R 5:30 up,Leopard SHARKS T/R 6:00 up,Leopard SHARKS T/R 6:30 up,Leopard SHARKS T/R 7:00 up,Leopard SHARKS T/R 7:30 up,Mako SHARKS,Sand SHARKS M/W 3:30,Sand SHARKS M/W 4:15,Sand SHARKS M/W 5:00,Sand SHARKS M/W 5:45,Sand SHARKS M/W 6:30,Sand SHARKS M/W 7:15,Sand SHARKS T/R 3:30,Sand SHARKS T/R 4:15,Sand SHARKS T/R 5:00,Sand SHARKS T/R 5:45,Sand SHARKS T/R 6:30,Sand SHARKS T/R 7:15 (AKS,Westminster)


Due to a Westminster school function on Friday evening, we have to CANCEL this Friday's SHARK RACES! 

But, the competitive swimmers parent meeting scheduled for 5:00 pm is still ON! If you're interested in learning more about the competitive swimming portion of AquaKids and our relation with the South Florida Aquatic Club (and Booster Club membership requirements), please attend!

There will be the normal Friday Practice schedule; 3:30-5:00 pm & 5:00-6:30 pm practices will occur (parking will be limited after 5:30 pm)!

TENATIVE Summer SHARK Races: Fridays, June 14th; July 26th and August 16th (which includes our infamous Family relays)!