LC Speedo Sectionals-Rochester (tier 4)

Mar 14, 2019 (08:00 AM) - Mar 17, 2019 (06:00 PM)
March, 6 2019
Coaches,Jr. Elite,Senior (Fridley High School,Senior 1,Senior 2,Spring Lake Park)



Rochester Recreation Center, 21 Elton Hills Drive, Rochester, MN 55901

Entrance to the building for all Spectators, Coaches, Athletes, Officials, and Meet Personnel is located on the West Side of the Building, Door 6.


Free parking is available at the following locations:

  1. 1)  Auxiliary lots in front and on the side of the building.

  2. 2)  Protected parking for officials and meet volunteers in Door 6 lot.

  3. 3)  Teams with Buses or other large vehicles – please contact the Meet Director

in advance to confirm parking availability.

Spectator Admission and Heat Sheets:

All Spectator Admissions will Include Heat Sheets – Cash and Credit Card accepted at Gate: Thursday 3/14 - $5.00

Friday 3/15, Saturday 3/16 and Sunday 3/17 - $10.00 Per Day – This includes Prelims and Finals. 10 & under spectators will be admitted free of charge (No Heat Sheets given to 10& unders)

An All Session Pass will be available at the gate and online for advance purchase. Cost of this pass will be $30.00.

Competitiohn Schedule:

Thursday, March 14

Meet warm-up 3:00pm to 4:30pm, Timed Finals 4:40pm, Time Trials TBA

Fri/Sat/Sun, March 15-17

Meet Warm-up 6:45am to 8:30am, Prelim Heats 8:45am, Time Trials TBA

Meet Warm-up 4:40pm to 5:45pm, Championship Finals 6:00pm

Entry Fees:

$12.50 per event, $25/relay ($6.25 per swimmer), $20 Meet Fee

Athlete Surcharges:

Central Zone Surcharge of $1.00, a Minnesota Swimming Surcharge of $3.00, a Facility Surcharge of $6.00 per athlete entered in the meet (including relay only athletes) and a $10.00 Athlete Surcharge will be collected at the time of entry (total surcharges $20.00/swimmer).

Entry Limits:

Swimmers may enter as many events as they qualify for and may compete in a maximum of three individual events per day including time trials. A team may enter no more than 2 relay teams in each relay event.

Bonus Events:

Bonus events are permitted as follows (no Qualifying Standard for Bonus events):

  1. 1)  Swimmers entering 1 individual event are permitted to swim 2 Bonus Events;

  2. 2)  Swimmers entering 2 individual events are permitted to swim 1 Bonus Event;

  3. 3)  Swimmers entering 3 or more individual events are not permitted to swim a Bonus


  4. 4)  The 800 and 1500 freestyle are not offered as Bonus Events.