NTN Main event outing after Tri-meet

Apr 6, 2019
April, 4 2019


Main Event outing after Tri-Meet

Apr 6,2019
April, 4 2019


 We are bringing back a bit of fun for after the tri meet. Any swimmer (and sibling or parents) who wants to participate can, as long as they sign-up online. Please put in the special notes how many members of your family will be attending. Your credit card on file while be charged just like a meet fee.

The cost is 25.00 dollars and includes a wristband for all activities, a fun card, 2 slices of pizza and a drink. The time frame will be from 4-8 pm. All swimmers under 12 must have a parent stay at the facility. Swimmers 13 and over may be dropped off (coaches will stay and help supervise) and picked up by 8 pm. 

Please commit to the event by declaring yes. 


NTN Coaching staff