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Parents vs Kids - Discovery, C1, I1

Mar 16, 2019 (11:00 AM) - Mar 16, 2019 (01:30 PM)
March, 15 2019
March 14, 2019
(this is a team hosted event)
Challenge 1,Discovery 1,Discovery 2,Imagination 1 ([* ALL Locations *])


ARE YOU FASTER THAN A  MANTA RAY?  Here is your chance to find out! Come and experience what your children have been doing all season... with a twist! Parents will swim 25yrds against their swimmer.  Let the trash talking begin!  Your swimmer has been working hard this season and what better gratification than to beat their parent. It also wouldn't be a party without silly relays that the parents get to participate in as well.  Not to worry parents, all relays will be using floation devices! At the conclusion of the meet we will have a roll reversal where the swimmers get to time the parents in a 50 freestyle!  There will be prizes for places 1-3 in both our swimming catagories of "Retired Competitive Swimmers" and "Recreational Swimmers".  This race is optional however, your child will love you even more for trying. 
Pizza and cake will be provided at the end of the meet.  You are to bring your own drinks. Commemorative bag tags will be given to all Manta Ray Swimmers.  **PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU INDICATE HOW MANY WILL BE EATING PIZZA from your family.  We will place our order on March 13th based on your reponses.
Your kids would prefer to race you, but if a parent is unable to swim in the meet, you may substitute someone special in your place.  Commit online then turn in your party RSVP and money to the white lock box located outside the comp pool doors by the locker rooms no later than Wednesday, MARCH 13th.  
Cost is $5/ person.  Includes 2 slices of pizza and cake. Bring your own drinks. Please place party money in the white lock box located outside the comp pool doors. Write on the envelope "parents vs kids" and indicate how many in your party will be eating pizza. 
**Committment online is essential.  We will be ordering food based on the number of sign ups. Please indicate how many will be eating in the comments section. I will make a heat sheet in advance so everyone knows where they will be swimming.
What to Expect… 
ONE Serious race (Child’s choice of strokes) – 25yrds.
FUN! relays.  Parents vs. the Kids! – 25 yrds.  ** All fun races will be with a floatation device! (of sorts)
 **TIME TRIALS: Roll Reversal for this race -- your kids will time and cheer while you do the work!  Whether you are a retired swimmer or a rec swimmer, prove that you are not too old. Come and compete in a 50 yrd. Freestyle. We will have 2 groups racing; One group will be only retired competitive swimmers and  the other will be only recreational swimmers.  This is your chance to earn the title of "Fastest Manta Ray Parent" or as I like to call it... the title of "Wow, I finished a race without pulling a muscle!"  We always have a great turn out for this race. Time trials are completely optional but guaranteed to be fun! Parents will be rewarded with a ribbon 1st-3rd place for each group as well a gift card!