Indiana Swimming
Level 3

Munster time trial-11&older swimmers only

Jul 13, 2019
June, 16 2019


Time trial-only for swimmers that are 11&older because this is the same weekend as the conference meet

**Depending on the number of swimmers...VSC may NOT send a coach to attend.  Please be advised. 

Same day as conference.  Only 11&older swimmers may attend.  If you are 11-12, and you attend Munster in the morning, you are still expected to attend the conference meet in the afternoon.  This meet is ONLY for those swimmers close to achieving a STATE time.  You will only sign up for the events that you are CLOSE to getting the time.  If you have questions, please talk with Coach Leslie first.  13&older may also swim if working to achieve STATE times.  This is not a general meet that you would do a full meet lineup for.