Long Course SES Championship Huntsville

Jul 18, 2019 (02:00 AM) - Jul 21, 2019 (02:00 AM)
July, 7 2019
Long Course,Long Course - Rec Swim Discount ([* ALL Locations *])


Please be aware that the event file is  set at Bonus level NOT at the EVENT STANDARD

The qualifing times for this meet can be found under the swimmers tab


Swimmers who have achieved the SE Championships qualifying times can enter the meet in those events. The qualifying times can be found under the swimmers tab or in the meet invite.

The 2018-2019 Southeastern Age Group Short Course Yards and Long Course Meters Time Standards will be used as qualifying times for all individual events. There will be no time standards for relays. Qualifying times must have been achieved by the entry deadline. Faster times achieved following the deadline will not be accepted in place of times already entered


Bonus entries are permitted if a swimmer has at least one 2018-2019 Southeastern Swimming Qualifying Time. A swimmer with one qualifying time may swim up to two (2) bonus swims in which the swimmer has achieved the 2018- 2019 Bonus Standard; two qualifying times, two (2) bonus swims; three qualifying times, two (2) bonus swims, etc..

Please note the following exceptions to rules regarding Bonus Swims. No Bonus Swims will be allowed in events 400 meters and longer.

The 13-14 Age Group and Open Age Group 50-meter Backstroke, 50-meter Breaststroke, and 50-meter Butterfly events shall have no Bonus Standard and are open as Bonus events regardless of time, provided a swimmer has not exceeded the maximum number of entries or Bonus Swims.


A swimmer may enter and swim three (3) individual events per day and no more than six (6) individual events in the meet.