Fitter and Faster High Performance Technique Camp

May 4, 2019 - May 5, 2019
March, 14 2019


We have some very exciting news! We are proud to announce that we will be hosting a Fitter and Faster High Performance Technique Camp on May 4 & 5! There will be five sessions over two days: two for swimmers ages 11 & under (Developmental 2, Age group 1&2 ), two for swimmers ages 12 and older (Junior 2, all high school aged swimmers and Age Group 2 by request), and one for our precompetitive and developmental 1 swimmers.  

Session sizes are limited. We cannot wait for this event and we strongly recommend everyone click the link below to register ASAP! We want all of our swimmers to learn some tips to race faster.  

Prices will increase on March 14th!  

CLICK HERE for details and registration  

The curriculum at each session will be:  

May 4th:

    *Session 1 (11 & Under): Starts, Underwater Dolphin Kicking, and Breakouts

    *Session 2 (12 & Over): Butterfly to Backstroke IM strategy, Underwater Dolphin Kicking, and Open Turns  

May 5th:

    *Session 3 (11 & Under) Flip Turns, Open Turns, and Finishes

    *Session 4 (12 & Over): Breaststroke to Freestyle IM Strategy, Breaststroke Pullouts, and Crossover Turns

    *Session 5 (Developmental 10 & Under): Streamlines, Flip Turns, and Freestyle  

Sign up for one or SAVE by signing up for both days of sessions!  

Each session will be led by Elite Clinician and four-time Olympian Roland Schoeman! Roland is known as an extremely knowledgeable and precise swimmer and teacher. We can’t wait to learn from him!


Please let me know of any questions you may have. On March 14th we will start inviting outside teams, and we want to make sure that ALL of our Killer Whales have the opportunity to experience this amazing event!


Have a great day!

-Coach Cindy  



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