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Capital City Classic

Jun 19, 2019 (06:00 AM) - Jun 24, 2019 (07:00 PM)
May, 3 2019
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Capital City Classic - June 19th-24th
Location - Lincoln NE  Travel Trip
Groups - A9/A10, JA/JP, SP


Qualification Standards:

  • 11-12: 3 USA Swimming BB Time Standards
  • 13-14: 2 USA Swimming A Time Standards
  • Senior: 3 USA Swimming A Time Standards
  • All Swimmers: 75% Practice Attendance

This is a travel trip for ages 11 & Up only.
Athletes not making the qualification standards and all 10 & Unders will attend the Munster Family Travel Trip on the same weekend. 

Athlete and Parent Meeting: Wednesday 6/11 @ 6:30 PM in room 141 of NF Campus 

Last Day to Cancel Without Penalty: June 4th (canceling after this date will result in a $200 charge)

Anticipated trip cost: $700-900 depending on number of participants 
**cost is higher because we would prefer a nicer bus than last year.

Current Qualified Athletes*
11-12 13-14 Senior
Girls Boys Girls Boys Girls Boys
M. Ohr M. Cotter K. Graham M. Lestina M. Ball E. Chan
E. Kelly L. Fridstedt E. Hartman J. Soukoulis C. Brown J. Dienstag
A. Kimball Y. Mishustin M. MacKinnon G. Wilson J. Burnett P. Fleischman
E. Newlands O. Pelzek M. Meade W. Wilson A. Burton B. Ketchum
M. O'Donnell H. Woodman T. Michael P. Xue E. Eldring G. Koeppen
O. Safrikova R. Weiss A. Two   K. Engelking D. Kolssak
M. Shimkus   J. Yoon   M. Heintz B. Larkin
R. Woodman       A. Mulvey A. Michael
G. Yoon       J. Nelson R. Nair
        A. Pelzek N. Reid
        L. Peterson R. Ricciardi
        M. Reed C. Sammann
        K. Wannemacher B. Solmos
        E. Wendt C. Steinback
          R. Vandergraaf
          C. Vongher
          C. Walter
          N. Zahn
          A. Kalvanes
          J. Dukes

*These athletes are qualified based on their times only. This list does not take attendance percentage into account. Athletes must still meet the minimum practice attendance requirement of 75% to be invited on the trip. Talk to your lead coach to find out if you are meeting this requirement.