Time Trials at Y Nationals Championship

Apr 1, 2019 - Apr 5, 2019
March, 18 2019



FORMAT AND FEE: Time Trials are open only to athletes entered in the Championship meet. The Time Trial Sessions will begin approximately 30 minutes after the Prelims. Each athlete is allowed to enter a total of four (4) Time Trials events for the meet. The Time Trial event fee is $20 per event entered.

An athlete may only swim the stroke being contested in a Time Trials event, e.g. an athlete may not swim backstroke in a breaststroke event in Time Trials.

Once an athlete is entered into Time Trials and the fees paid, there is no refund of the fees.

TIME TRIAL LIMITS: The 1650 free and 1000 Free Time Trials will be limited to2 heats of 8 entries of the fastest seeded swimmers per gender. The 500 Free Time Trial is limited to 5 heats of 8 entries of the fastest seeded swimmers per gender and the 400 IM is limited to 5 heats of 8 entries of the fastest seeded swimmers per gender.

The number of Time Trial entries will be limited so that the Time Trial session will be complete by 2:30 PM each day. Should weather or other exceptional circumstances delay Time Trials, we reserve the right to terminate the time trial session if it will run past 2:30 PM. This is necessary to ensure an orderly transition to the evening Finals Session.

A swimmer may swim more than one Time Trial per day as long as the swimmer complies with the USA-S rules below.

USA-S rules limit the total number of individual event swims (Rule reference 102.2.2 and 102.2.7.

• A swimmer may swim no more than 3 individual events per day in a Prelims/Finals meet

• Time trial events must count as a part of this daily total.

TIME TRIAL ENTRIES: No Times (NT) are not allowed. All Time Trial entry times are subject to Proof of Times check.

Time Trials may be entered online prior to the meet or hand-delivered for entry during the meet. Online entry for Time Trials is under a separate meet entry from the Championship meet entry.


  • The schedule of time trial events each day will include the events swum during today’s prelim session and the events to be swum during tomorrow’s prelim session.

  • yesOnline entries are given priority in the event of time restrictions.

  • We reserve the right to terminate the Time Trial session if it runs past 2:15 PM. If during the entry procedure we project that the 2:15 PM deadline is being reached, we will stop taking Time Trial entries for that particular day.

  • Time Trial entries can be submitted during the meet at the Time Trial Desk located in a room off the pool deck. The deadline is 10:00 AM for that day’s events, or once the 2:15 PM deadline is projected based on entries already received, whichever comes first.

  • The Time Trial Desk is open on the pool deck each morning from 7:00-10:00 AM (except Monday).

  • The cost is $20.00 per event.

  • Swimmers may only swim the strokes being contested in a given event.