MWS Long Course Championships

Jul 25, 2019 - Jul 28, 2019 (11:45 PM)
July, 8 2019
July 26, 2019
(this is a team hosted event)


ACE Deadline to sign up for this meet is July 8th. 

LATE entries will NOT be accepted except for NEW qualifying times made at the meet on July 19 - 21, 2019.


ACE Swimmers must have achieved the qualifying minimum times as listed on the meet schedule. Qualifying Times are the  2019 Midwestern Championships Qualifying Times (Short Course or Long Course Cut).  Swimmer may qualify using a short course cut time. 


Prelim/ Final sessions for 13 & Over (except relays, 400, 800, 1500 Freestyles and 400 Indiv. Medley); 

Timed Finals for 12 & Under


Location:    Woods Pool, 332rd & J Street, Lincoln, NE       See map


If you know your swimmer will NOT be available July 25 -28 , please “Decline” attending this meet so we know your swimmer cannot participate in the relays.  The coaches will be assigning the swimmers’ events for the Championship meet based upon qualifying times and relay team needs.  


To commit your swimmer to the Championship meet, please select the day/ session your swimmer will be available.  Click on each day/ session to see eligible events for your swimmer.   


If you indicate that your swimmer is available day 1/ session 1, we would like that they are present for the entire session to support and cheer on the ACE team, not just to swim their individual race.  Should you have circumstances that do not permit the swimmer to be present the entire session, please communicate this information to Coach Kim via email 


Swimmers who are 11 & Over you may find Day 2/ Session 2, Day 2/ Session 4, Day 3/ Session 7, and Day 4/ Session 10 may be selected for relay participation.  Please check these sessions if you are available and wish to be a part of any of the ACE 11 & Over relay teams.


Swimmers who have checked in for events requiring positive check-in (400m / 800m free relay, 800m/ 1500m freestyleand then fail to show for the event will be assessed a $25.00 fine. 


Swimmers 13 & over who do not scratch and fail to show or finals will be assessed a $50.00 fine.



  • 13 and over 50s of stroke entries must enter with the 100 of stroke time (either qual or bonus) - time must be hand-entered, custom time by the ACE entries coach.
  • Bonus swims are allowed with the following criteria:
    • 1 qual time   = 2 bonus swims possible
    • 2 qual times  = 2 bonus swims possible
    • 3 qual times  = 1 bonus swim possible
    • 4 or more qual times - NO bonus swims
  • NO bonus swims for 12 & U 200s, all ages 400 IM, 400, 800, 1500 freestyles.
  • Bonus swims will be seeded last. 
  • Conversion times will not be accepted.



If your swimmer has been selected by the ACE coaches to compete on an ACE relay team at the Championship meet...

  • If your swimmer has been selected by the ACE coaches to compete on an ACE relay team at the Championship meet, you must communicate any schedule conflicts to Coach Kim no later than Monday, July 8th so replacements for the relay teams can be secured.   This is extremely important for those swimmers who are 11 and older as a few relays are swam in the evening sessions.

  • If a swimmer declines their commitment to an ACE relay team after entries have been submitted to Midwestern Swimming on July 15th, that individual will be subject to a $25 relay fine due to the loss of the relay team's participation.




Warm Up Prelims Warm Up Finals
Thursday       11 & Over     4:30 PM 5:15 PM
Friday          13 & Over* 6:30 / 7:10 AM 8:00 AM 4:30 PM 5:15 PM
Friday          12 & Under     12:30 PM 1:15 PM
Saturday      13 & Over* 6:30 / 7:10 AM 8:00 PM 4:30 PM 5:15 PM
Saturday      12 & Under     12:30 PM 1:15 PM
Sunday        13 & Over* 6:45 / 7:20 AM 8:15 AM 4:30 PM 5:15 PM
Sunday        12 & Under     12:30 PM 1:15 PM

   * Note:  Please read the meet information very carefully so you know when the events will take place before you commit to an event.




ACE, along with the other teams in the LSC, will be expected to provide lane timers for the Championship meet.  Each year, ACE requests between 6 and 8 parents of those swimming in the Championship meet to help with timing duties as we split each session up so no parent has to time the entire session, unless you prefer timing an entire session.  Timing at the Championship meet does count toward your ACE MeetCREW hour requirement.


Read through the meet information flyer thoroughly for specific details regarding maximum number of individual entries, meet fees, parking fees, ribbons/ awards, etc.


Warm ups and Timing assignments information for ACE will be posted as it becomes available.


Crash Area Notes:

This is an outdoor meet.  Please plan bring folding lawn chairs and/ or picnic blankets for seating, coolers with plenty of water & snacks, and plenty of sunscreen.  Limited concessions are available. 


If you have canopy tents, please bring to provide shade.  ACE will have limited tent space set up poolside for the coaches and swimmers.