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Lakewood Long Course Invite (April)

Apr 14, 2019 (07:00 AM) - Apr 14, 2019 (06:00 PM)
April, 2 2019
Rocket Fish General


April Long Course Invitational

- hosted by Lakewood Aquatics- 


((For now - just sign up with a YES / NO))

Who should go:  Experienced Swimmers Only

Long Course is the Olympic distance - its a long 50 Meters between walls.  This is not an event for new swimmers or swimmers who have gone to just a couple short course meets. That said, if your child loves swim meets, has achieved (or is close to achieving) red times and has swum five or more meets you are welcome to sign up for SUNDAY only.

Location:  Belmont Temporary Pool (our home pool!)

We’re excited for our first Long Course meet of the year! And even better, the meet is being held here at the Belmont Pool!  

Schedule:   Youngers in the morning.  Olders in the afternoon.

 Experienced Rocket Fish swimmers may SIGN UP FOR EVENTS ON SUNDAY ONLY

  • Sunday Morning:  10 and Under (max 3 events)
  • Sunday Afternoon: 11 and Up (max 3 events)

You can find all the details for the meet on the PDF attached below.


  • $4.50 per event
  • $10.50 per swimmer
  • $12 per swimmer coaching fee

Registration - standard swim meet sign up.

To register, click the "Attend/Decline" button on the top right of this page.  At this time you cannot pick events as the meet file is not yet available.  You may, however, check the attend or decline and you will be emailed back when its time to choose events.

Many thanks -

Coach Hank