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OCSC Pentathlon

Jul 13, 2019 (07:00 AM) - Jul 13, 2019 (01:00 PM)
July, 2 2019
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For now - just sign up with a YES / NO

"THE PENT" Meet #2 of 4 OCSC Meets 

Also last chance to qualify for OCSC Prelims on 8.03.19

Meet name:  The OCSC Pentathlon, its the 51st Annual!

Where:  Valencia High School, City of Placentia 

Date:  7/13/19 - Saturday Morning into Midday-ish

When Due:  Entry deadline is Monday, July 2nd.  Don't get left out, sign up now!

Who:  We are encouraging the following swimmers to sign up:

- C groupers who can do freestyle with side breathers and backstroke 

- B2's / Novice B groupers should do freestyle and backstroke and maybe even fly and breast if they feel like they have a handle on those strokes.  They are learning quickly and may be ready for the fly and breastroke challenge in two weeks.

- B1's and A groupers - sign up for everything!  All five events in the Pentathlon!  You will love it!

Three reasons why this meet important to us as a team:

1.  Gain Experience and Have Fun: We like to have our swimmers gain meet experience, get comfortable racing, learn more about the sport and have fun with their teammates and fellow Rocket Fish families.

2.  Qualify for OCSC Prelims: By participating in this meet (and / or the OCSC Invite), your child will qualify for OCSC Regionals / Prelims on 8/3, which is the qualifying meet for OCSC Championships on Tuesday 8/5.  One important team goal is to have 60 swimmers sign up and race at the OCSC prelims on 8/3!

3. Relays, Relays, Relays:  This meet does NOT have relays but when our swimmers race at this meet they get official times and they qualify for the OCSC Regionals.  We need two boys and two girls per relay which can happen so much easier when we have lots of qualifiers and lots of times in which to seed the relays...And why do we like relays at OCSC Regionals?  Because relays are AWESOMELY FUN for everyone!

JUST DO IT:  Its a great mid-season event for our swimmers to find out which events they THRIVE the most. 

RSVP:  In late June you will be able to choose your child's events.  THANK YOU IN ADVANCE for SIGNING UP!

Pentathlon Entries due:  Entry drop-dead deadline is Monday, July 1st.

Aloha - Let's Do This!

Coach Hank, your teammates and our Coaching Crew!