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Ahi Invitational

Jun 1, 2019 - Jun 2, 2019
May, 10 2019


What is the Ahi Invitational?

  • This is a new meet added for the 2019 season!!!
  • This meet is open to all Stingray swimmers.  
  • This meet will be a great way for the swimmers to get early season jitters out of their systems, and to improve on their times from Time Trials, before the bulk of the season gets underway
  • This is a 2 day invitational meet.  Your family picks which events and days your swimmer will participate.  
  • Additional volunteer hours are required from each family at the meet (as with all invitational meets, these are in addition to your regular required 30 units of meet volunteer hours and the 2 required social volunteer jobs).  

Date:  Saturday, June 1- Sunday, June 2

  • If you elect for your swimmer to participate, they may swim on one or both days, your choice!


  • American Canyon High School, 3000 Newell Drive, American Canyon

Entry Fees

  • As with all invitational meets, there are separate registration fees for the meet which individual families are responsible for (unlike dual meets, the general team registration fees do not cover the entry fees for invitationals).  
  • $5 Splash Fee (Meet Entry Fee) + $5 per individual event registered for 
  • If we have enough swimmers in each gender/age group, coaches will select swimmers to participate in relays and the cost of these will be covered by the team.


  • All families must volunteer each day their swimmer participtes.  These jobs will be assigned a day or two before the actual event.  

Meet Features

  • 10 Lanes for Competition with 4 Warmup Lanes
  • Concessions available on both days
  • Participation pins for all swimmers
  • On site photographer both days
  • T-shirt vendor on site both days