Woodbridge Wesleyan LCM Qualifier - our deadline Apr. 15 - 9am

Jun 7, 2019 - Jun 9, 2019
April, 14 2019


Our meet entry fee policy applies (Families will be billed the per event fee by the YWCA once they have signed up and the entry deadline has passed. This billing will occur through customer services.)

Entry Limits are 2 on Friday and 4 events on Saturday and Sunday
SESSION TIMES (Subject to Change):
Friday, Session 1:  4:00 Warm-up, 4:45 Start.
Friday, Session 2:  6:00 Warm-up, 6:25 Start.
Saturday, Session 3:  11/12, 7:30 Warm-up, 8:05 Start.
Saturday, Session 4:  10/Under, 11:00 Warm-up, 11:30 Start.
Saturday, Session 5:  13/Over, 1:45 Warm-up, 2:30 Start.
Sunday, Session 6:  11/12, 7:30 Warm-up, 8:05 Start.
Sunday, Session 7:  10/Under, 11:00 Warm-up, 11:30 Start.
Sunday, Session 8:  13/Over, 1:45 Warm-up, 2:30 Start.
Woodbridge Aquatic Club will limit the number of swims in the meet to 3 hours of swimming for each 11/12 session, 2.5 hours of swimming for each 10/Under session, and 4.0 hours for each 13/Over session. 
Friday evening’s distance freestyle will be limited to a 9:00 pm conclusion. If any session is oversubscribed the following protocol will be instituted IN THE ORDER PRESENTED to reduce the timeline to the required length or participation number.
1. Athletes aged 7 and younger will be cut from the meet.
2. The 400 freestyles in Sunday’s 13/Over session may be limited to 4 heats of each gender, in the order they
    were received. 
3.The maximum number of events allowed per day may be reduced by one (1).
4. Visiting teams may be cut based on the date/time of the receipt of the final paid entry. If teams are cut,
    the host reserves the right offer the available partial entry to the cut teams in the order that entries were
    received in order to fill the meet.