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Official results to Y-NE Championships

Mar 25, 2019 - Sep 1, 2019
March, 25 2019


Official results to Y-NE Championships

Our team placed as a combined age group/female/male 

overall placement of 9th !!!

Girls overall:  6th  !!!

Boys overall: 9th  !!!

Over 60+ teams competed with 56 pointing final placements

LSSC Swimmers representing SCY-RI always placed in top 20 since Coach Kielys' program began attending this meet in 2009.  This is our highest placement to date.  Congratulations!!!  All of you worked so hard, with great spirit, fast swims, PRs, and close relay races culminating in a top ten team finish!..  Along with the satisfying exhaustion you must feel, we hope the swimmers & parents are proud of all you have done.

We are!!

Your Coaches,

Coach Kiely, Coach Kayla, Coach Joe, Coach Kristin, Coach Rebecca

overall scores link:

age group scroes link:

2019 results link: