CM Pepsi Cola Spring Invite @ Keating Nat

May 17, 2019 (05:00 PM) - May 19, 2019 (06:00 PM)
April, 15 2019


Cincinnati Marlins SPRING Pepsi Invite

Keating Pool 

616 W. North Bend Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45224 

FOR SPY's USA SWIMMING members only!! Last year we were closed out of this meet so we are trying again to enter so entries MUST BE in as SOON AS POSSIBLE

May 17-19, 2019

Held Under the Sanction of USA Swimming # OH-19LC-14 LONG COURSE

SCHEDULE: (See Order of Events) TBA times will be announced by Wednesday before the meet on

ENTRY LIMITS: All age groups3 Events/day, NO Time Standards all age groups


  • Friday evening sessions and all morning Sessions will swim 7 lanes with lane 8 reserved for warm up/down.

  • Saturday afternoon, and Sunday afternoon sessions will swim 8 lanes, with breaks scheduled.

  • 13&Over events: Age Groups 13-14 and 15 & Over compete together but are scored and awarded separately.


    In addition to Meet Mobile, a LIVE VIDEO link will be provided  for FREE! Please visit the meet home page for the link and fee information. NOTE: there is NO AUDIO with this link.


  • Entries will be accepted no earlier than 8:00am, Tuesday April 23.

  • Entries must be received no later than 6:00 pm on Wednesday, May 1 – Please, NO EXCEPTIONS.

  • Updated Entry Times ONLY will be accepted until 12:00 pm noon on Tuesday, May 7.

  • All entries LCM.

  • All swimmers may enter up to 3 individual events per day.

  • Visitors are expected to supply timers if second start end is needed in each AM session.

  • Please see Timer Requirements note below.



  • $5.00 per individual event, $2.00 surcharge per swimmer.

  • Send your fees when your entries are final. Fees will NOT be returned except where entry limits limit swimmer participation.

  • Please pay by check made payable to the Cincinnati Marlins, Inc. within 3 days of the entry deadline, at which point entries

    are final. All fees must be paid before you will be allowed to swim unless prior payment arrangements are made.

  • No fees are returned unless event limits prevent participation.



  • No swimmer will be permitted to compete unless the swimmer is a member as provided in Article 302.Registration will not be accepted at the meet.

  • Age on first day of meet will determine eligibility of age group divisions.


• Deck entries will be accepted only if the meet is not closed, and at the discretion of Meet Management. Meet Notes for updates. Marlins reserve the right to deck enter their swimmers at any time.

USA Swimming

VISITING TEAM TIMER REQUIREMENTS – Saturday and Sunday AM sessions.


Assistance from visiting teams is required.
Visiting teams with 11 or more swimmers participating in the meet will be scheduled for lane timer responsibilities

according to the chart below.

Timer assignments by session after entries will be posted at on our meet page by Wednesday before the meet. This chart will tell you based on your team size (number of swimmers from your team entered in that session) what sessions your timers have been assigned. Based on the swimmers/ages and genders, teams may need to request adjustments to timer assignments by session. Requests to move a timer from one session to another should be made at the time of meet entry submission. Timer positions may be reduced for teams providing two or more officials who are specified and committed at the time of meet entries submission.

If your team can NOT assist with these timing responsibilities (including teams attending by team travel), PLEASE EXPLAIN AT TIME OF ENTRY for consideration of exemption.

Thank you in advance your support!

* TIMER SLOT = One three to four hour session of the meet, filled by someone who is 14 years of age or older and can responsibly perform the duties of a lane timer (operate a stopwatch and write down times). Teams may choose to have one person cover their timer slot(s), or they may split the session between 2 people. All Visiting Timers will be exempt from Admissions charge for the day they serve.

The following Events are deck seeded, swimming fast to slow, & require Positive Check-in at Clerk of Course:

FRIDAY: All Events –  IF LIMITED (see Meet Notes on Wednesday before the meet for the update);

SATURDAY: 13&Over 400IM, 11-12 400 Free

  • Check-in opens 15 minutes before Session warm up and closes 50 minutes before the session start time unless otherwise noted on the Order of Events. Swimmers not checked in will not be seeded.

  • These events MAY be limited according to limits noted on the Order of Events unless the timeline will allow more heats. This determination will be made upon review of the timeline and final limit will be announced when the psych sheet is posted, no later than Wednesday before the meet and communicated thru the Meet Notes.

Entry fees for a swimmer seeded within the revised, final limit and not checked in are forfeited.
Entry fees will be refunded for any swimmer not given the opportunity to swim AND seeded higher than the final

limit (attendance is not required).
Any swimmer wishing to know if they have made the cut-off may check the Meet Notes published on the Marlins

web site @ on the Wednesday before the meet or determine eligibility on arrival.
• Positive Check-In Penalty applies: Swimmers who do NOT appear for their races after checking in will forfeit their next event

even if it is the next day; or if this was his/her last swim, his/her club will be fined $25.

SCORING & AWARDS: By Event. 13&Over Events will be scored & awarded as multi-age 13-14, 15&Over.Scores: Top 7 Individual places in each event. 8,6,5,4,3,2,1.
Awards: Ribbons – First thru Seventh. No Team Awards will be given


  • Results will be posted on Live Results link (found on the Meet Page) & Meet Mobile (technology permitting).

  • Result Exports, Meet Backup, and Results reports will be posted the next day following the meet on the Marlins Web site at .

    GENERAL ADMISSION CHARGE: Adults - $5.00/day. Children under 10 – Free, Heat Sheets - $3.00


  • The Cincinnati Marlins reserve the right to alter events as follows to manage the timeline: Adjust session start times; Swim distance freestyle events with 2 swimmers in a lane; combine events; and use flyover starts.

  • Limits and adjustments will be communicated to entry contacts and on the Marlin's website by the Tuesday preceding the

meet. Refunds will be given to those who did not make the entry limit cut-off and were not given the opportunity to swim the event. Marlins reserve the right to swim all our athletes.

Swimmers with a Disability are Welcome to Enter Ohio Swimming Meets
Provide notice of any necessary accommodations; List in the email with the Hy-
Tek entry (or on paper) the swimmer’s name,entry times, stokes/distances, days/sessions. Preferred seeding is with the swimmer’s same age group in either the same distance race or a longer distance race (ie 50 Free during a 100 Free). Exceptions to this should be listed in “necessary accommodations”. More info is available under Athletes>Adaptive Swimming on the OSI website.