Dragons Long Course Spring Invitational

Apr 26, 2019 - Apr 28, 2019
April, 19 2019


Warm up Team Lane Assignments - TBA

Timeline for the meet - TBA

Psych sheet for the meet - TBA

Jupiter Dragons Swim Team entries - TBA

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To enter the meet you need to have NO BALANCE with the County / BOCC for MONTHLY Swim Team MEMBERSHIP FEE and NO BALANCE with JDPO for MEET FEES!

This meet is for All Level swimmers and there is no time standards requirement! However as a minimum your child should be able to swim 50 meters events. Please talk to your coach!

In order to enter the meet you will need to set up Auto-Pay. 

Click HERE for Instructions on how to set up Auto-Pay for swim meets ONLY! Please note the Monthly Membership Fee has to be paid at the pool to BOCC!

Click HERE for Instructions on How To Enter A Swim Meet!

Click HERE for instructions if that will be your First Swim Meet!

Jupiter Dragons swimmers are encouraged to enter and swim at this meet!

Jupiter Dragons Parents are Required to sign up and work at this meet since it is hosted by our team!

Please click on the link - Sign Up - TBA


Sponsored by:           Jupiter Dragon Swim Team

Location:                     North County Aquatic Complex- 861 Toney Penna Drive, Jupiter-Florida

Dates & Time:            All sessions are timed finals for all swimmers.

Session I

Timed Finals


April 26, 2019

Warm-up – 4:30 pm

Start – 5:30 pm

Session II

Timed Finals


April 27, 2019

Warm-up – 7:30 am

Start – 8:30 am

Session III

Timed Finals


April 27, 2019

Warm-up – 12:00 pm

Start – 1:00 pm

Session IV

Timed Finals


April 28, 2019

Warm-up – 7:30 am

Start – 8:30 am

Pool/Timing:            50 Meter by 25 Yard heated outdoor pool, 7 or 8 long-course racing lanes with                                                 separate warm-up and swim-down lane available. Daktronics Timing System will be                                     used.  Fly-over starts will possibly be used. 

Camera Free:          The Florida Gold Coast Swimming CAMERA FREE ZONE policy is in effect at this                                              meet. No person may use a camera or any other device capable of recording still or                                        video images in the area behind the starting blocks, in the locker rooms, changing                                          areas, showers or restrooms. Violators may be reported to law enforcement or other                                      governmental authorities and/or may be barred from the facility during the                                                          sanctioned event.

Drones:                    Operation of a drone, or any other flying apparatus, is prohibited over the venue                                               (pools, athletes/coaches areas, spectator areas and open ceiling locker rooms) any                                      time athletes, coaches are present.

Entry Deadline:         All entries must be received by Friday April 19, 2019

Entry Limit:                Three (3) individual events per day.

Entry Fees:                $4.00 per Individual event entry - $6.00 per swimmer surcharge 

Distance Events:      400 Free and 400 IM, for all ages will be swum alternating women than men,                                                  fastest to slowest. All distance events are positive check in. 

Awards:                     Individual Events: Medals places: 1st – 3rd    Ribbons places 4th – 8th

Admission:                Admission - $3.00 per session.    Heat Sheets - $3.00 per session.

Parking:                     There will be additional parking at Jupiter High School on Saturday and Sunday.                                              We encourage Jupiter Dragons Swim Team families to park at the school.

Please read the meet information!