LASA Novice June 22

Jun 22, 2019 (09:30 AM) - Jun 22, 2019 (11:00 AM)
June, 10 2019
Coaches/Board ,LASC Blue,LASC Navy,LASC White,Racers 1 ,Racers 2 ,Senior 1 Varsity ([* ALL Locations *])


Location: Palisades High School

Fee: $27.00 per swimmer


Please read everything below — We are firm believers in teaching our families how to interpret meet info rather than simply giving out answers to parents.  This not only eliminates your dependence on our staff for answers you can find yourself but speeds up your ability to make that decision in a timely manner.  The first few meets may be chaotic and confusing, but once you learn the basics of how a swim meet works, it will be easy to follow!

1.  Reason Why LASA Exists
  • This meet is for the kids. To introduce them to swim meets and competition.  It's a great experience for them to learn how a swim meet works and what to expect during a swim meet.
  • The idea behind LASA is to have a fun meet and to keep it simple for new swim families. This meet is a smaller/shorter version of what SCS/USA Swimming sanctioned swim meets are like.

2. Parents Responsibilities to Their Children

The main responsibility for parents at meets it to just be mom and dad. Be their biggest fan. Be excited to watch them and cheer for them. Please do your best to not give swimming advice, that's our job. Be motivational, encouraging, positive, and happy!  Leave the race strategies, breathing patterns, stroke, start and turn reminders, and race analysis to the coaches.

3. Parents Responsibilities at the Meet

  • At all LASA Novice meets a "Heat Sheet" will be provided for you ("Pre-Seeded" events).  Your swimmer's events, heat, and lane will be on these heat sheets.  The heat sheets will also be posted on the wall near the restrooms.  Please try your best to explain the procedure to your child: It will be useful for them in the future.  
  • We highly suggest writing down the Event #, Heat #, and Lane # on your child’s arm before arriving at the meet, or just memorizing them :)
  • In the event you are timing and you cannot help your child get to their heat/lane and they are confused about where to go, let one of the coaches know and we will assist you.
  • In order to follow the meet sequence, please keep your ears and eyes open as the officials will announce the events and heats.
  • Timing Assignments
    • First slot timers, please be at your chairs no later than 9:20 am.
    • At this meet, every lane will need 2-3 timers depending on how many teams or lanes are at the meet.  This is the only way to keep record of your children's times.  We will need volunteer timers,  especially since we are one of the biggest teams at this meet.  At almost every meet you attend, you will be timing.  Parents are to time for 30 minutes max, unless otherwise noted.  NOTE: We cannot stress this enough, please arrive on time for your timing assignments, otherwise the meet will run late. 
 4. Kids Responsibilities at the Meet
  • Every swimmer needs to report to their coach BEFORE and AFTER  each race.  They need to come to us for encouragement and evaluations.  We normally let your swimmers know beforehand, but we also ask you to please remind your children to do this.
  • Swimmers MUST stay hydrated. We also do not recommend eating a heavy meal the day of.  Eat light and healthy: bananas, granola bars, etc.  Do not eat anything too heavy, greasy, or unhealthy during the meet.
 5. Disqualifications (DQ)

DQ refers to a “disqualification’” and it occurs when a swimmer does not swim a stroke correctly or “legally”. While no child ever enjoys getting DQ’d, it happens to almost every single swimmer at some point, especially new swimmers. The stroke and turn judges at USA Swimming meets observe swimmers during their events and if a child swims the stroke incorrectly they will DQ that swim and will let the child know what they did incorrectly. The swimmer’s time in that swim will not count toward their official USA Swimming time. Your child’s coaches will never be upset with a swimmer for getting DQ’d, and we will encourage the swimmer and let them know how they can fix their stroke so that it doesn’t happen next time.  Being disqualified is not a bad thing, it is an opportunity to learn from your mistakes. Please explain to them that it's a great learning experience, not a failure!  

6. Times & Places

At Novice meets, the coaches do not focus on times and places.  We focus on technique and the effort they have put in the race - this is what matters the most.  When your child is new to the sport or young, they may drop time at most meets as they improve and grow - as they get faster and better with technique, the drops will get smaller and may not happen at each meet.  Times are the least of their worries at this age and skill level!
Problems emerge when winner/loser comparisons overshadow the importance of competing with oneself to do things better than they have been done before.  At this point, competition stops building character and confidence and begins to tear it down.  In the right environment, swimmers learn competitiveness by being taught to concentrate on mastering specific techniques.  
Our goal is to provide a healthy perspective to help children understand success and failure.  So, emphasize and reward effort rather than results - concentrate on how to improve performance rather than on what happens if the child wins or loses.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask one of us.  Thank you all for your support and care in our swimmers and in the sport!