Long Course Season

Mar 28, 2019 - Jul 14, 2019
April, 30 2019
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The purpose of this sign-up is for the coaches to get an idea of which swimmers plan to participate in year-round team practices and/or meets during the summer long course season.  This is only to give us a general idea, it is not a binding or final decision.  All swimmers who registered for the year-round team last fall are eligible to participate in the summer long course season at no additional fees (other than meet fees).  

Please sign-up with either "yes" or "no" so coaches know who to expect at practices.  You are also encouraged to add comments in the notes section about how many weekly practices your swimmer will most likely attend and whether or not they will participate in meets.  You can include notes if your swimmer's participation will vary throughout the season (i.e. they will will swim while school is in session but then not participate in June/July due to summer teams, other activities, vacations, etc.)

All swimmers on the year-round team are more than capable of competing in long course meets.  Decisions about whether to compete in meets should be made on the basis of family schedule and level of commitment over the summer months rather than the thought that your swimmer is not ready or is not good enough to do it.  YOUR SWIMMER IS GOOD ENOUGH TO DO IT.  Coaches will determine the most appropriate events to enter your child at meets.