Time Trials 2019

Jun 9, 2019 (08:00 AM) - Jun 9, 2019 (05:30 PM)
June, 7 2019
June 8, 2019
(this is a team hosted event)
Volunteer DEPOSIT RECEIVED, Volunteer EXEMPT, Volunteer OPT-OUT


Volunteer checks must be turned in before you can sign up for volunteer jobs or to be able to declare your swimmer(s) for this event. Please turn in your volunteer check ($200) to Jeff Lash or Tracy Tiernan by Friday, June 7th.

Time Trials will be split into 2 age groups this year.  Please read to find when you swimmer will swim: 

10 and Under

·          8:10-8:30- Stingers warm up

·          8:35-8:55- Penguins warm up

·          9:00am- National Anthem

·          9:05am- meet begins

·          12:00- meet ends


Officials Meeting: approximately 8:30am near the starting machine

Timers Meeting: approximately 8:40am in the baby pool area


11 and Up

·          12:15- 12:35- Stingers warm up

·          12:35-12:55- Penguins warm up

·          1:05- meet begins

·          4:00- pm- meet ends


Officials Meeting: approximately 12:30pm near the starting machine

Timers Meeting: approximately 12:40pm in the baby pool area


We must have the pool turned over and ready to go by 5pm, so clean up will need to be going on during the last hour of the meet.

The  meet will be run on deck as a 9 event meet, but will be scored on the computer for each age group separately.  The Clerk of Course will organize the heats by age and gender when possible, but we will attempt to avoid empty lanes in order to keep things moving.    

The 9 event plan is:

Freestyle        Event 1   25 m

                        Event 2  50 m

Backstroke    Event 3   25 m

                       Event 4  50 m

Breaststroke  Event 5  25m

                        Event 6  50m

Butterfly        Event  7  25m

                       Event 8  50 m

IM                  Event 9  100 m    (If time permits)


Parking in the lot adjacent to the Commons Pool and Community Center will be reserved for the Penguins.  The Team Rep, Coach, and Computer person will each have a spot reserved.  Please remind your families to park at the VRE once the upper lot is filled.  Parking on the road could result in a ticket.

The Penguins Team area will be the grassy area near the picnic tables.    Stingers team area will be the area surrounding the baby pool.

Time Trial Event Sign Up will end Friday, June 7, by 5:00pm..

There will be a snack bar with breakfast and lunch items. Cash only.

Sign up for Volunteer Jobs open Saturday, June 1 and closes Saturday, June 8, Midnight. You may sign up for open jobs on site the day of the event at the Volunteer Check In table near the entrance. Volunteer job descriptions can be found here. New famlies are encouraged and welcome to volunteer at Time Trials. We can help you choose jobs or make sure we get you into the right job for you.  

Please declare your athlete for Time Trials.  Please remember to click on the swimmer's name then choose the events in which your swimmer will participate.  Minis must have permission from coaches to participate in Time Trials.

1.   Go to Home page

2.  Click on the events widget at the bottom of the page, underneath the home page photo.

3  Click on Edit Commitment under Swim meet for this date

4.  Click on member name (this is your swimmer's name).

5.  Click on drop box under Declaration.  Choose Yes or No.

   a.  If you choose NO please save your changes and you are done.

   b.  If you choose YES, go to swimmer's name and choose the events by clicking the box to the left of the Best Times.  

        Swimmers may not have any times posted.

Review your commitments and then SAVE.

You have successfully completed registration for the meet!  Questions; please email Stingers President at  We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Coaches have the option to make changes to any entries.

Go Stingers!