The Holtrey Summer Classic (Entries due May 15)

Jun 13, 2019 (04:00 PM) - Jun 16, 2019 (08:00 PM)
May, 15 2019
Blue,Bronze,Coaches,Gold,Red,Silver (Butler High School,Cleveland Skating Club,Hawken Lower School,Hawken Upper School,SPIRE)


This is an LESD sponsored event.  

Location:  SPIRE Institute, 1822 South Broadway, Geneva, OH 44041

There are qualifying times for all 13 & Over events (except relays).  There are qualifying times on 12 & Under events 200 meters and longer.  Events on Thursday are timed finals; most events on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are prelims/finals.  

If this meet does not close out then LESD swimmers can enter without the QT.  Please email Sarah at if you wish to enter and do not have the QT.  If the meet closes out, LESD is not permitted to enter swimmers who do not have the QT so swimmers without QT times will be notified and will be removed from those events.

NT will not be accepted.  Please esitmate times and add in the notes and Sarah enter the times.

Thursday evening:  Warm-ups will begin at 4:30 pm; meet will begin at 5:20 pm

Friday, Saturday, Sunday morning (13 -14/Open Events):  Warm-ups will begin at 7:00 am; meet will begin at 8:20 am

Friday, Saturday, Sunday afternoon (12 & under swimmers):  Warm-up swill begin 15 minutes after the conclusion of the morning session.  Estimated warm-up times will be posted on by Tuesday, June 11

Friday, Saturday, Sunday finals:  Estimated warm-up times will be posted on by Tuesday, June 11.

Please see the document below for additional information.