Torpedo Tuesday at Holiday world

Jun 18, 2019
June, 1 2019


Hello THT Families,


We are going to be having a team wide trip to Holiday World on Tuesday, June 18! The deadline to register for this event is June 1.


This trip is available for team members, family and friends of the THT program.


To keep things simpler, we are having families sign up through RSVP’ing on the event page on the website. Please be sure to include the number of tickets when signing up. At the beginning of July you will be charged for the trip tickets along with your monthly dues.

This will be a family trip and kids going on the trip MUST be with an adult.

Cost: The trip will roughly be $45 a person , this includes:


Your ticket to the park and

Lunch: We will have our own area for a lunch buffet from noon-1 p.m. CST. Please plan accordingly when you are inside the park. Lunch will likely be a buffet with burgers, hot dogs and chicken. ( Gluten Free options are available and can be set up upon request).


If you have not been to Holiday World, below are some of the complimentary offerings at the park:

Complimentary services include:

  • Free, unlimited soft drinks

  • Free sunscreen

  • Free inner tube usage

  • Free parking

  • Free Wi-Fi throughout the park

Other Expenses: Anything other than what is mentioned above is covered by individual families (lockers, other refreshments, snacks, souvenir shirts, etc.).

Traveling : All families are required to have their own transportation to the park. If you are interested in carpooling, we are looking at setting up leaving from the Aquatic Center.


Arrival: Holiday World opens at 10 a.m. (Closes at 7 pm.) Central Standard Time (1 hour behind Terre Haute). WE ARE ASKING OUR FAMILIES TO ARRIVE AT THE PARK AT 9:27 AM . THIS WILL ALLOW US TO BE ABLE TO DISTRIBUTE TICKETS AND TAKE A GROUP PICTURE BEFORE ENTERING THE PARK . As it is Torpedoes Tuesday, we are asking athletes and guests to wear Torpedoes apparel at the parks.  We would like to take a team group picture as well as a picture with everyone on the trip.


From the Aquatic Center to Holiday World is roughly a 2.5 hour trip. This would mean leaving the Wabash Valley at a little before 8 a.m. to arrive on time if you did not have any stops.


Once Inside the Park : Families and athletes are free to do and go wherever they want, but are under their own responsibility.  This is a great family activity, and a chance for our families to get to know each other. If you see someone you don’t know, introduce yourself and get to know other people :)  If you are high school age, we are asking that you still have an adult with you to take you to and from the park, though your activities inside will be up to your guardian.


Remember : This is a trip where you represent your team and family. Please be responsible.