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Age Group BC Host Meet @ VMAC

May 4, 2019 (06:00 AM) - May 4, 2019 (03:00 PM)
May, 4 2019
May 4, 2019
(this is a team hosted event)


Aloha Hickam Hurricanes Families,

Our March 31 Host Meet was huge success and we raised a lot of $$$ for our team! As many of you already know, it really does take a village whether a donation, fulfilling a job slot, set up/tear down, any contribution helps!

Now, our second and last Host Meet of the year is less than a month away on May 4! Again, we will be looking for maximum participation from all Hickam Hurricane families!! 

Sandy Yamamoto will again take the lead and work her magic and organizational skills, to make this event another success!! Job descriptions are listed below and job sign-ups are now posted on our team unify page; which include the job descriptions listed, donations and some other items to borrow, such as coolers. Service hours will be given for all jobs, donations and items borrowed. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me or Sandy, we are happy to assist!

Note from Sandy:

Any food can be dropped off at Sandy's home the week prior to the meet at 301 6th St.  I will have a red tote on the front porch. Coolers and tents can be dropped off at Sandy's home or contact her for on base pickup (904)347-1614, or bring to meet at 6:15am.  Label tents and coolers with name.


Christine Bradenbaugh

HH Member At Large


Jobs Descriptions:

Marshall: Stand on Pool deck during shift to monitor warmup pool area (no diving/no horseplay), keep spectators away from officials' tent & away from swimmer's area, remind of no running, maintain safety practices around pool. You are in the sun the entire shift, wear sunscreen. Can wear hat or use umbrella. Wear comfortable shoes.

Officials Tent Aide: You are the officials’ gopher. You will staple heat sheets together, take to heat sheet sales people at concession stand, post heat sheets on classroom window (concession stand has tape), post timed heat sheets on classroom window. Run errands as needed by officials. You will be under the officials tent and shaded.

Timers: You will be responsible for timing the swimmers. Training and brief provided before the meet begins. Very easy. You will be seated until time to record and will stand pool side for viewing. You will be shaded the entire shift. Water and snacks are provided to you throughout your shift. The refreshments will be brought to you. 

Set-up/Tear Down: Host team is responsible for setting up the officials' tents, timers' tents and all of the cones and ropes you see during the meet. There is direction given on where and how. Tear down is the same in reverse. Simply help take down the tents, cones and ropes. Teams are responsible for their own tents/set-up/tear down.  
Set-up begins about 6am.

Hospitality: Morning Helpers set up 2 tents (brought by team) and four tables (provided at pool). Organize snacks, coolers, ice drinks, set-up work station. Afternoon Helpers take down the tents, wipe & take down tables, dump ice from coolers, clean up supplies and pack them up. During the meet, workers will portion snacks, walk around the pool to distribute drinks and snacks to Marshalls, Officials, Lifeguards, Coaches, Timers, and Ribbon worker, and collect any trash from previous distribution. You will also pick up any trash you see on the Pool Deck during your rounds. Kids can help at Hospitality and be the runners. 

Heat Sheet Sales/Ribbons:  
Heat Sheet Sales: For about an hour prior to meet beginning, you will sit at table or concession stand and sell heat sheets. You will tally number of sheets sold, sell, and make change. You will then give the money to the Treasurer or a Board member when you run out of heat sheets.  
Ribbons: you will sit in the classroom (near concessions) and attach stickers to ribbons and sort by teams. At the end of your shift you will bag the completed ribbons in a bag for the team coach. This job is easy, indoors, has a ceiling fan and is ideal for parents with littles as they can be in the room with you. There is room for them to bring toys/gadgets or a pack n play for sleeping (for the littles not the adults).

Concessions: Work concession stand. Assemble food, sell food, collect and make change, keep station clean, keep food at temperature, bag trash. Morning people set up tents, tables, station. Afternoon people take down tents, tables, clean up and pack up food & supplies.

Tent Parent: Keeps kids on task in team tent. Remind the kids of their heat number and when to go to timers’ tent to line up for their event. Swimmers line up 1 to 2 heats before their heat. You will need a heat sheet to keep up. Knowing all of the kids is not vital as you can call out names or have your swimmer help you. 

Team Tent pick up and return:  
Pickup: You need to pick up the 2-3 team tents, tie downs and buckets from our pool and transport to the meet pool. You take gear to team section and set up. There are other parents and swimmers there to help you.  
Return:Y ou will take down the tents after the meet. Remaining parents and swimmers will help you. Transport and return the gear to our home pool on the next practice day.