SRST June Mini-Meet

Jun 7, 2019
May, 29 2019


SRST Family,

This season we are attempting to run 3 mini-meets on the following dates:

==>May 10

==>June 7

==>August 9

These meets will be at SAC (all three dates are Fridays). 

The purpose of these meets:

  • Provide an opportunity for our swimmers to establish/update times in events not always available (50's of stroke/400 IM/500 FR/1000/1650/etc.).
  • Provide an opportunity for our swimmers to maintain their short course racing skills during long course.
  • Provide an opportunity for Mariner and SAC swimmers to get together for a fun event.
  • Encourage racing.
  • Keeping kids well rounded in their event selections.
  • Help keep us free and independent from the limitations of the PNS technical planning committee.


  1. Mariner will be closed on these dates.
  2. Meets are schedule as follows - Warm-up 5-6 PM.  Competition 6-8 PM.
  3. SRST will charge $5 for the SRST surcharge vs. the normal $15.  This $5 will go toward pizza which will be provided for the kids at the end of the meet.
  4. Individual event cost: $4 per race.
  5. There will be no event entry limit so kids can enter whatever they want.
  6. Events will be "open" and "mixed".
  7. We will be attempting to sanction these meets to allow for the times to count as official times (we will be using the electronic timing system).  In the case that we cannot sanction these meets we will consider all times for relay selection and for SRST Top 10 Lists and Records.

IMPORTANT:  Given we have never done anything like this in the past, I have no idea how long it might take to run a meet like this.  Once I have entries I will look at the timeline.  If we look like we are going to run long I will do what is necessary to adjust.  Some potential solutions would be to shorten the warm-up, reduce the allowed max events to 3 or 4, cut out races, etc.  Whatever changes may be required will be communicated to the team with enough time to allow kids to adjust their races.  We will have more flexibility to make changes since this is an in-house meet.