PEAQ Steel City Open

May 4, 2019 - May 5, 2019
April, 25 2019


This meet is an open meet for all ages at a Long Course Pool (50 meter). 


The meet will be deck seeded. Upon coach sign in, a scratch packet will be provided for swimmers that will be scratching from an event or from the session.
Scratches will be due 35 minutes prior to the start of the session. Any swimmer not scratched from an event or session will be entered into the meet.
Failure to scratch prior to seeding and failure to swim the event will result in the swimmer being barred from his/her next individual event or relay unless the Referee is notified of a declared false start prior to the start of their race.

· Events 400 yards/meters or longer that are Timed Finals will be swum fastest to slowest alternating girls/boys.