2019 CW @ Canham

Jul 5, 2019 - Jul 7, 2019
May, 3 2019


NOT sanctioned yet but got an advance copy of meet packet.  NOTE anything can change.  

See meet packet and event list for events.  This is an ome meet and times must be proven by USA swimming swims database only.  

To add events list event number and stroke and distance in notes field.

They will be accepting 400 swimmers only from Michigan swimming.


Location – Donald B. Canham Natatorium 500 E. Hoover Ave. Ann Arbor, MI 48104


Warm-up Events
All Prelims 7:00am 8:00am
Friday / Saturday Finals 5:00pm 6:00pm
Sunday Finals 3:00pm 4:00pm

This meet will be capped at 400 swimmers.
Foreign Entries – Foreign swimmers who are members of USA Swimming may enter through
the OME system. Foreign individuals/teams who are NOT members of USA Swimming may
enter the meet by emailing their electronic entry (along with the information below) to Dan
Meconis, at Entries for foreign swimmers who are NOT USA
Swimming members will open 24 hours after U.S. entries open.

Meet Format – This meet will be conducted in Long Course Meters. All events, except the
1500, will be conducted as prelim-finals. There will be 3 heats (A, B, and C) of finals. The top
16 swimmers from preliminaries (except the 1500) will advance to the finals (A, and B heats).
The “C” heat will be composed of the remaining top-8 18 & Under swimmers.

Individual Entry Limits – Swimmers may enter unlimited events, but may not participate

in more than three (3) events per day.

Bonus Swims – Swimmers who have qualified for at least one (1) event, but less than four
(4) events, may supplement their entry with the necessary number of bonus swims in order
to reach four (4) events. Bonus swims are subject to the daily three (3) event limit. Swimmers
entering bonus events MUST declare which events are bonus swims on their OME entry. There
are no qualifying time standards that a swimmer must meet for bonus events, however “NT’s”
are NOT allowed.
Electronic Entries - $7.50 per individual prelim/final event and $5.00 per timed final event.
Please include a $1.00 Michigan Swimming surcharge for each swimmer entered. All USA
Swimming teams/swimmers should pay via check when checking-out on OME.
Teams/Swimmers should make checks payable to: Club Wolverine

Scratches – Scratches and positive check-in for day 1 events are due to the Administrative
Referee 15 minutes after the conclusion of the coaches meeting, and may be submitted by
email to the Administrative Referee by 9:00 pm July 4, 2019. No email scratches will be
accepted after 9:00 pm EST July 4, 2019. All subsequent day’s events scratches are due
30 minutes after the start of finals on the previous nights.

Scratch Penalty – USA National scratch procedures (207.11.6) will be observed for
swimmers who fail to compete in either a preliminary, timed final, or final event without
properly scratching by that day’s scratch deadline.

Meet Programs/Admissions – All seating is general admission and available on a firstcome
basis. The all session pass must be worn on your wrist for all sessions you attend.
All-session Pass: $15.00 (includes heat sheet)

Individual Day Admission: $5.00 (Children 12 & Under Free)
Heat sheets will be available for $2.00. A copy of the heat sheet will be posted in the spectator
area for public viewing.

Scoring - No team or individual scoring will occur.
Awards – The top 3 swimmers in each event will receive a medal.

Concessions - Food and beverages will be available in the Donald B. Canham Natatorium
lobby. No food or beverage will be allowed on the deck of the pool, in the locker rooms or in
the spectator areas. A hospitality area will be available for coaches and officials.

Lost and Found - Articles may be turned in/picked up at the timing office. Articles not picked
up by the end of the meet will be retained by the Meet Director or a representative for at least
14 days (any longer period shall be in the sole discretion of the Meet Director).