Holiday Festival

Dec 5, 2019 - Dec 8, 2019
November, 11 2019
December 7, 2019
(this is a team hosted event)
Gold Group, High School development, Junior Championship Team, National Training Group, Pre-Senior Championship Team, Senior


Team shirt colors: Fri White, Sat Gold, Sun Navy.
Important Notes From Meet Director:
I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving and is now looking forward to this year's Holiday Swim Festival held at Mona Plummer Aquatic Center on the campus of ASU!
There is a lot of information in this email, so please take the time to read all the way through and let me know if you have any questions. And I am SURE I have forgotten something so please do ask!
PSYCH SHEET TAKE 2 & ENTRY LISTS: I am still awaiting a small number of proof of time reports (this always takes the absolute longest), so there could be a few more changes.
Please please please review everything carefully and let me know if you find any errors or have any questions.
1. Due to the use of the pool by ASU and Pro teams access to the facility will begin at 7:15 AM each morning and at 3:45 PM each afternoon. The upstairs spectator stands may be accessed 30 minutes prior to warm-ups but not prior to the facility being cleaned and reset. Due to the use of the facility and the closed practice policy, teams will ONLY be able to set up between 11-1 PM on Thursday. 
**If your team rented canopies etc from Marla then those will already be set and in place when you arrive as that set up is with me in the morning.
3. **We MAY be moving some swims from the senior pool to the age group pool or vice versa to balance timelines and allow for a break between sessions. 
THURSDAY: 2 slowest heats of 13-14 boys miles will be moving to the senior pool
FRIDAY: Possibly 11-12 boys 400 IM in Senior pool
SATURDAY: We do have a timeline concern, all prelims 500s will most likely move to senior pool (13-14 boys and 11-12s) If you have swimmers not attending Saturday we do need to shorter our Age Group pool timeline!
4. Time trials will be limited, pending flow of the meet, and at the discretion of the referee. Time trials MAY be offered at the discretion of the referee. Time trials are subject to entry rules and are pending facility availability/timelines
5. Senior and Age Group Scratch rules are to be enforced. See attached 201-H-Meet policy
6. Positive check in is by 9 AM each day for distance events
7. Team entry fees are due by noon Friday. Please be prepared to make your team's payment. If mailing payment please verify that you include all Unattached swimmers in your total as shown on attachment. Remember that the per splash fee is $10.50 for all out of state teams and $7.50 for in state, this IS reflected on the attached fees due document
8. If you are NOT assigned timing and can provide timers please let me know ASAP as we WILL always need more help and cannot do so without you! We need at least 1 timer per lane each session in order for this meet to be a success. See below
CLOSED DECK: This meet has a firm closed deck policy. Only credentialed officials, coaches, and volunteers cleared by the meet director will be allowed access. 
1. Officials should be properly dressed with visible credentials. 
2. Coaches need to have credentials visible at all times, you will need to obtain a weekend coach wristband from the meet director or her designee.
3. Only those cleared volunteers displaying proper deck wrist band credentials will be allowed access. Timers will need to sign in each session and receive a wrist band in order to access the deck. Please make sure ALL volunteers check in at the volunteer table the session(s) they volunteer. 
TENTS IN THE GRANDSTANDS: Tents are ONLY allowed in the top row of the bleachers. Please note that tents may be collapsed, removed, or relocated by facility and event staff as needed. 
PARKING: The garage does charge during each in/out on both Thursday and Friday. Typically the garage has been open on Saturday and Sunday though this is never a guarantee when working with college parking and transit. There are light rail park and ride options located not horribly far from the pool.
ATTACHMENTS: Final lists of entries by team for all athletes, fees due, preliminary timelines (These are not to be used as final, just as a guide. We will not hold the meet), and psych sheet are included.
ENTRY FEES: Please be sure you verify your fees before mailing. Many of you will need to review the unattached listing for your team as well as your team. Please be sure to add these together making sure it matches your teams entry list. And again, note the per splash fee pricing.
TIMING ASSIGNMENTS: If you have a list of the names of those timing for your team each session in advance this will help smooth the sign in and wrist banding process
Age Group Pool
1 NEP (2)
2 NEP(2)
3 NEP (2)
4 RIO (2) (DART if available)
5 RIO (1), CA (1) (PASA if Available)
6 CA (2) (PASA if available)
7 DTAC (2) (BAC if available)
8 YWSF (2) (WFFM if available)
Senior Pool
1 NEP (2)
2 NEP (2)
3 AZAC (2)
4 CA (2)
5 FORK (2)
6 YWSF (1), RIO (1)
7 PASA (1), DART (1)
8 PS, STAS, WFFM - can you all work to cover each session please