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DST Orange & Black Time Trial III

May 31, 2019
May, 27 2019
May 31, 2019
(this is a team hosted event)


The third of our in house Time Trial Meets (and final one of the season), this one is open to all levels of our Team:
  • I Can Swim / D group swimmers are encouraged to participate
  • C group swimmers are encouraged to attend either as a swimmer or as a helper
  • B group / A group swimmers are encouraged to help the next generation; just as they'd received in years past

This is a FREE EVENT for all of our members and it is an UNSANCTIONED competition, meaning this will not affect your Swimmer's Swimming Canada / SwimBC Insurance category.  Questions?  Please contact your swimmer's regular coach - not sure who that is?  Please contact and you'll be passed along to the appropriate individual.

MEET PACKAGE <-- for the specifics of the day

PSYCH SHEETS <-- a compiling of the entries received

SESSION REPORT <-- approximate timelines for the competition.  This is not a schedule for when events will start but more for reference on approximate timeframe for the day.

MEET PROGRAM aka HEAT SHEET <-- the order of the races for the day

LIVE RESULTS <-- a usual feature is for the results to be listed shortly after completion.  These are considered "unofficial"

RESULTS <-- full competition results of the day.  Please note that this time trial was unsanctioned ie unofficial so these times cannot be used against time standards.