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2nd Annual 2019 Rays Lynn Williams Invite

May 17, 2019 (04:00 PM) - May 19, 2019 (06:00 PM)
May, 3 2019
May 15, 2019
(this is a team hosted event)
Coaches,CSDY - Atlantic Rays,CSDY - Blue Rays,CSDY - Electric Rays,CSDY - Manta Rays,CSDY - Mini Rays Level 1,CSDY - Mini Rays Level 2,CSDY - Pre-Senior 1,CSDY - Pre-Senior 2,GFY - Atlantic Rays,GFY - Mini Rays,GFY - Senior,RHAC - Atlantic Rays,RHAC - Blue Rays,RHAC - Electric Rays,RHAC - Manta Rays,RHAC - Mini-Rays Level 1,RHAC - Mini-Rays Level 2,RHAC - Mini-Rays Level 3,RHAC - Pre-Senior 1,RHAC - Pre-Senior 2,RHAC - Senior 1 (CSDY - Clover School District Community YMCA,GFY - Gregory Family YMCA Lancaster,RHAC - Rock Hill Aquatics Center)


Please sign up as soon as you know your swimmer is going to swim in this meet.


Clover School District Community YMCA
5484 Charlotte Hwy; Clover,  SC 29710

Type of Meet:

USA Swimming 2 1/2 Day Timed Finals Format

What Groups:

Atlantic Rays, Blue Rays, Electric Rays, Manta Rays, Pre-Senior 1, Pre-Senior 2, and Senior 1

(Mini Ray Swimmers that are interested in swimming in this meet, please talk with your swimmers coach about if you should sign up and what events to sign up for. You will have to pay the 1x a season USA Swimming registration fee to swim in this meet and other USA Swimming Sanctioned Meets ($90)

T-Shirt Schedule:

Friday: Red For the Team Shirt

Saturday: White Champions shirts

Sunday:  Grey 1988 Shirt

Preliminary Meet Schedule:


All Ages: 13 & Over 13 & Over
Warm-ups: 4:30 pm Warm-ups: 7:30 am Warm-ups 7:30 am
Meet Start: 5:30 pm  Meet Start:  8:40 am Meet Start: 8:40 am
  12 & Unders 12 & Unders
  Warm-ups: 1:30 pm Warm-ups: 1:20 pm
  Meet Start: 2:40 pm Meet Start: 2:30 pm
Friday, May 18 Saturday, May 19 Sunday, May 20


Suit and Cap for Rays Swimmers:

Black Team Suit and Rays Team Cap ONLY

Rays Team Meet Fees:

Per Swimmer Surcharge: $25.00

Per Individual Fee: $4.00

Hotel Information for AWAY TEAMS:

Courtyard Marriott - Rock Hill - 1300 River Run Court - Rock Hill SC 29732 

If you tell them you're in town for a swim meet you should get a special rate of $109 per night.